Loving my Luscious Lingerie

I might have mentioned this before.  I can’t buy bras in South Africa.  Most large bras are U.G.L.Y.  I’m a 34G (for fekkin’ ginormous) and most retail outlets only really go up to an E. There are some specialist shops, but mostly they’re too expensive.  I mean, R800 for a bra is seriously ridiculous.  Especially when the minimum fuckin’ wage in this country is about R1,500. Oh yay.  Food  v Bra.  Guess who wins, mofo.  And I suppose Woolworths does have some G’s, but mostly in the massive, full cup, bones digging into your armpit variety that are so uncomfortable, you’d rather go freeflow.


But fortunately, there is Bravissimo.  My most favourite, bestest bra shop in the whole wide universe.  Who make bras that not only fit me, but fit me well, make my boobs look like sex-bomb bazookas and all in delicious, lacy, silky deliciousness.  And, all in the R200 to R400 range-ish, which, because I luckily earn more than minimum wage, I can just about afford.


They only start at a D.  And they go up to a K or something silly.  You could fit your whole head a K-cup, people!  But they are in London.  Which is a long, long way away.


Anyway, so I have to smokel* to get them.  Import duties here are prohibitive.  So anytime someone goes to London or comes here to visit from London, I beg them to sneak a brassier into their luggage.   


And today I am deeeelighted!  My awesome and most fantastic friend L, just brought the below beauties back for me.  I’m wearing the bottom one right now.  It’s beeeeooooooooouuuuutiful!


Thank you Bravissimo.  Again.  For making me feel sexy and gorgeous instead of a freak of large boobishness.  When the FUCK are bra companies going to realise that chicks with big boobs are out there.  And need to feel pretty too.  Plonkers.


Retail therapy rocks.  Finding beautiful lingerie for my very curvy curves rocks even more.




*Cape Town word…to smuggle, to do a dodgy deal…you get the picture.

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21 thoughts on “Loving my Luscious Lingerie

  1. kyknoord says:

    Today’s entry sponsored by Chesterfield.

  2. daisyfae says:

    i used to be a 40G – pre-surgery, pre-weight loss. and when the babies were born, and i was a moo-cow? BIGGER! i saved one of my nursing bras – and it is LARGER than my head. i think i’m going to have it stuffed and mounted on the wall of my new party place. hang it in the basement with the pool table and use it as a dartboard or something.

  3. The Tart says:

    OMG & thought everyboob was bigger here in Texas!

    The Tart
    ; *

  4. livesexygirl says:

    oh picture beautiful

  5. Seraphine says:

    you’re lucky. you can have peeps bring them from the store and they fit you! i have to try on every stupid one in the store, and am lucky to find one pair that sorta fits. either my nipples show, or they are too poofy or one cup doesn’t fit or something. then there’s always someone who sees my plight wants to come back into the dressing room with me and help get the fit right. it’s never simple.

  6. Parenthesis says:

    Silks and lace with built in struts, satin and diaphanous peignoirs, what every girl really needs. Very pretty, Dolce dear, although the middle one is a little too “Biggie Best” for my liking [no pun intended] 😆

  7. Gawd, I can barely carry around these D’s. I can’t imagine how you carry around G’s. But no wonder everybody’s eyes popped out on T-shirt Friday. Nice bras though. I might have to see what they have. Now if I could just find panties that fit.

  8. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > they are pretty smokin’, aren’t they?

    @ Dais > and they are sooooooo ugly, those udder holder ones. Just because we’re big, doesn’t mean we can’t be freakin’ hot too! Thank god half the implanted strippers of the west started their own lingerie lines, or we’d still be hanging out for a bit of black lace.

    @ The Tart > oh no, honey. Here the chiquita’s are built for hubbahubba!

    @ Livesexygirl > Why thank you.

    @ Seraphine > I HATE those store people who think they’re helping you by opening your stall for the world to see while they whip our their calibrators. Fek off I say. Although, the Bravissimo stores are great – big changing rooms and the professional fitters give you as much space as you need. People have no idea how important a good bra can be! (Am I sounding evangelical now?)

    @ Ms P > sometimes a girl just wants to be girly (and it was on sale!) 😉

    @ SilverStar > I draw the line at matching sets – who the hell can afford matching sets?

  9. nursemyra says:

    gorgeous!!!! now you need the bra in the top photo as well. where’s your paypal button 🙂

  10. Dolce says:

    @ Nurse M > I’ve got ALL THREE…how exciting is that! and yes, the top one is wicked. Mind you, there is the rest of the catelogue…must, must, must investigate that whole paypal thing. *grin*

  11. Tyger Katt says:

    Oooh, those are pretty! I’m not even going to bore you with my bra searching stories but for the time being I have to stick to Woolies, even if they do keep changing the cup sizes.

  12. vapour says:

    Alfresco is best Dolce. In Africa it is the norm to let those mothers swing low sweet chariot…
    I’m also pissed off with the teeny men’s undies we now have to contend with ever since the manufacture was outsourced to those small dick sweaty communistic Chinese people. (Fukkin Rhino murderers) I now have to get mine from a speciality store in Brazzaville.

  13. Dolce says:

    @ Kattya > no no, tell us. I love to share bra hunting war stories! And ja, what is it with Woolies and the changing sizes (I refuse to believe I’m the one changing) Although, to be fair, a mate of mine in the industry says that different manufacturers use different styles, which affects the sizing. You won’t always wear the same size in every style…you need to try a back size and a cup size different. Oish.

    @ Vaps > Swing low my gat, boytjie. I’ve still got pretty perky puppies, you whippersnapper.

  14. Rox says:

    Wow, they’re even more pretty than regular mainstream ones at La Senza! The top one is way cool, and the 3rd one, middle one is also cute, floral is always good.

  15. Hey, who said anything about matching sets. I just want some panties that fit, size 13. They are as hard to come by as a K cup bra.

  16. I support you ALL THE WAY Dolce! 🙂

  17. Dolce says:

    @ Rox > I know! All the La Senza ones are horrible (and don’t fit…even when I tell them a double d won’t fit, they still try and crow bar me into one, and then stand around going *um* when it…*drum roll*…doesn’t fit. Plonkers.)

    @ Silverstar > *cackle* I hear you. Nice knickers that don’t make your thighs look like cheese/oranges in a bag. And do not try to sell me thongs. Butt floss is not nice. Phoof!

    @ Olga > thought you might like these….!

  18. oniongirl says:

    fark! i’m positively green. i’m flat-chested comparatively – dubbleD, but i’m fully sympathetic…
    the bits of fluff on the market that i can afford to buy without pawning a family member, are of rather delicate construction – particularly when manufactured in our own fabulous country…
    it’s no fun being savaged by a protruding bit of ‘haakdraad’ after two washes. clearly – quality is not key.

    hmmm. diablo’s going to the states soon… the boy’s gonna be loaded like a boere-trannie on the way home?

  19. Dolce says:

    @ Oniongal > I bet you you’re more than a D…when was the last time you did a proper fitting? And ja. The local stuff is soooooo shite. And you should hear the excuses I get from the retailers and manufacturers (or rather distributors)…they both blame each other. But if Woolies is getting the point, hopefully more will follow soon! And that fukkin’ haakdraad….hahaha…SO true!

  20. Wenchy says:

    I have a friend coming over in Feb… DD for me so this will be so fantastic as cross your heart is not me

  21. Dolce says:

    @ Wenchy > Try and get on their site and measure youself according to their specs – so weird to find out you’re not what you thought you were – and that a proper bra fits sooooooooooo incredibly.

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