I can haz cheetah

Ja, so one of the bonuses to living in Aaaafrica darlin’, is the access to wildlife.  Right?  But you don’t expect people to be driving around with a cheetah in the back of their bakkie, do you?  Do you?


Well, apparently you do.


Dolce, dangerously photojournalling in trafficis

Dolce, dangerously photojournalling in trafficis

No really, look…


Home, Jeeves, and quick about it!

Home, Jeeves, and quick about it!

I nearly drove off the road.

Hello Kitty!

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20 thoughts on “I can haz cheetah

  1. daisyfae says:

    “Cheetah Outreach”?!?! What? They send this thing to schools? As part of a fitness program – where the CHeetah chases the fat kids around the playground or something?

  2. nursemyra says:

    haha… hello kitty indeed!

  3. Jenty says:

    OMW!! That’s a first!
    I’ve seen a cow on the back of a bakkie in the traffic, but this is a clear winner!

  4. Rox says:

    Awesome! Love the look on its face, looks better behaved and calmer than most of the brats I mean kiddies seen on the roads these days.

  5. Aren’t Cheetahs endangered?? In that case, shouldn’t it be wearing a seatbelt?? maybe a booster seat??

  6. kyknoord says:

    It’s probably thinking, “Mmmmm, that girl with the camera phone looks delicious”

  7. thegnukid says:

    Maybe it’s one of those new-fangled anti-theft systems i’ve heard about…

    “Ja, here’s one with the keys still in the ignition… we’ll just take it and… AHHH!!!!!!!!”

  8. Dolce says:

    @ Dais > I think you’re on to something here – a wildlife fatfarm. If you survive two weeks in the bush, you’ll guarenteed be 2 stone lighter. Flesh / Fat, potatOH / paTAto.

    @ Nurse M > That’s one big pussy. One I wouldn’t want to argue with!

    @ Jents > I know – I wasn’t sure whether I should roll my eyes or be delighted. Can you imagine if there had been an accident. Uh oh! Duh!

    @ Rox > Cute kitty, hey – thought you’d like this one. Although, just before it was standing up and looking very unsettled…back seat driver!

    @ Revo > Mate? Is that you? How pleeeeezed am I for the visit. And ja. Belt up, is what I say. A lot. To random people.

    @ Kyk > oh nice…feeding me to the animals now? Sheesh.

    @ Gnu > Whahahahahahaha – now that I’d pay money to see. One of the local “hidden camera” shows here left a suitcase on the side of the road, which of course every bus and taxi stopped to pick up. Only problem? It had a live (but harmless) snake inside. Cue much hilarious screetching to a halt and exiting vehicle shots. Very funny.

  9. Parenthesis says:

    Gnukid: The keys are in the back, next to the cheetah? 😆

  10. nursemyra says:

    so how much time do you spend arguing with little pussies then?

  11. LOL @ Nursie! 🙂

  12. Seraphine says:

    you weren’t teasing the poor kitty, were you?

  13. Seraphine says:

    i’ve dreamed of finding a suitcase full of money by the side of the road. small bills left by a drug dealer in a hurry, or fallen off of an armored truck. of course, i usually drive too fast to actually stop if i ever *do* see one.
    but i’d exit my car in a BIG HURRY if there was a cheetah or a snake in it. lol.

  14. Cheetah outreach = reach out and touch this cheetah. Nice one…!

  15. Lilly Web says:

    Oh my word, that is crazy where was this taken????

  16. Tyger Katt says:

    I usually get strange looks when I have to put my kitties in the car and haul them off the vet for their shots. I wonder if spotted kitty was going for shots.

    This is so cute, I am rather envious.

  17. Dolce says:

    @ Ms P > Stop teasing the animals, P!

    @ Nurse M > Fuck. More time than I care to think about. My office. FULL of little pussies.

    @ Olga > Ooooh. Easy tiger! 🙂

    @ Seraphina > are you back? And me? Tease? Never! *shock* *horror* 😉 … And I might deal with a snake for a suitcase full of money.

    @ Mandy > I luuuuuurve the little cheetahs at Spier. But I’m not sure how I felt about a random one in traffic. Eish.

    @ Lillyweb> Hey, welcome to the good life! And on Hospital Bend in Cape Town. Middle of rush hour. My eyes nearly popped out…I thought I was hallucinating!

    @ Kattya > My little kitteh used to howl when I put him in the car. He HATED it. Which is why I was faintly concerned about the whole thing. But it is cute, hey. Here kitty kitty kitty….

  18. vapour says:

    I wanna see a picture of Dolce driving, doing her lipstick and taking random snapshots in rush hour traffic. Yusus!

  19. Dolce says:

    @ Vaps > Us chicks *can* multitask you know. Pfffft.

  20. […] of the reasons it made me smile though was remembering Dolce’s post on seeing the Cheetah Outreach van in the traffic not too long ago… and what a […]

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