Don’t mess with bloggers

So a Cape Town woman and her husband when out for breakfast recently at the Canal Walk Dodge City*, a chain of joints that apparently serve fairly good burgers.  They had a rather bad experience a.k.a utterly KAK service, so she not only blogged about it, but also wrote a letter to management. 


The restaurant manager/owner then found her blog and, unsurprisingly, he’s now a little upset.  He should have apologised, offered her a slap meal and left it at that.  But instead, the plonker has started insulting her and her husband via email.  Nice.  Clever.


She, of course, is capturing the whole thing on her blog.  Hilarious.  And I’m thinking let’s viralise this little fucker.  If only as another case study for the “don’t fuck with bloggers” marketing rule #48. 




*Surely the name was the first signal that this wasn’t going to be a classy establishment?


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12 thoughts on “Don’t mess with bloggers

  1. Sweet Violet says:

    You need to check in daily for a while as he keeps escalating. I have a new email from him in which the threat of a lawsuit is no longer thinly veiled.

    What gets me is that on Monday he acknowledged the kak service and even apologized. I dropped it at that point. But on Wednesday he pops up unexpectedly on my email and started all the nastiness. Go figure!

  2. Dolce says:

    @ Sweet Violet > All he needed to do on your post was write an apology offer any blogger who emailed in a free cuppa coffee or something – an excellent way to then check if they’d be interested in special offers or build up some client rapport. Now he’s just being a toss….and making it a WHOLE lot worse. If you like, and it gets to that point, let me know and I’ll point a couple of journos in the direction of the story…they’d love it. I’ve also twittered it with a link to your site, so hopefully word will get out. I’m just rolling my eyes at this guy. Plonker!

  3. beaverboosh says:

    OMG, where is he pointing that gun!!!

  4. daisyfae says:

    Wanker. i’ll never go there… that’s for damn sure. especially considering the inconvenient location. i mean, REALLY… 8000 miles from here?

  5. nursemyra says:

    haha.. thanks for the link dolce. how do wankers like that get to be managers?

  6. As John Lennon said: “Power to the people. Power to the people, right on!”

  7. Dolce says:

    Update: Eish. Just to spin a little perspective (and in the interest of objectivity), I’ve subsquently learned that the victim of this little escapade has a history of makin’ mountains out of molehills (as far back as Mweb days). Still, some molehills are worth mountainnizing, and it doesn’t excuse the shocking behaviour of the Dodge City management. So I’ll be avoiding that establishment with much vigour and encouraging others to do the same.

    @ Boosch > Ja. So be careful who you needle, Boooschman!

    @ Dais > Well, you might be considering an African adventure with Nurse M at some stage…and I just thought I warn you!

    @ Nurse M > Because they like having a mini fiefdom they can control. I don’t know. They should get some manners training though!

    @ Mands > Exactly. I wonder what people think they are doing in a world where every consumer might have an active audience. Really, bad service is bad service is bad service. And writing threatening emails is just stoooooopid. And doing it in an age of influence…man, that’s beyond dumb.

  8. Parenthesis says:

    Well look who said manager works for. With a franchise with a name like that, can we really expect better? That said, the one down the KC isn’t to bad 😉

  9. Rox says:

    Oh well, sure makes a good Monday read, and a welcome change from the increasingly scary hate speech vs. free speech drama that’s been unfolding elsewhere on the blogishere.

  10. Dolce says:

    @ Ms P > That’s what I said! Ag. Poor git probably didn’t get any training on how to deal with customers. It’s just all so over the top!

    @ Rox > Yeah – isn’t the interweb just getting a little ranty? I suspect it’s just fear and anxiety spilling over into the vitriol on the web. What did our friend Yoda say: “fear is the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering.”. That small, green, grammatically challenged oke had a point.

  11. Sweet Violet says:

    Well, now he has gone and started his own blog and this is all he can talk about. It’s really stupid, since people are now googling key phrases in his blog and then coming to mine for the full story. I’ve had a flurry of new traffic over the last few days and didn’t realize why until I checked his blog today and realized he’s actually added the name of my blog to his post headlines!

    Interestingly, I published his entire side of the thing on my blog by publishing his emails. Betcha can guess what he did when I wrote a little comment on his blog (he has comment moderation turned on).

    I encourage you to read his blog…make sure you check all three entries: 16 Sept, 19 Sept, and today, 23 Sept. I am not surprised people are googling me to find the blog…he is so obsessed about this that he’s taken what is ostensibly a corporate blog and turned it into a slag site. Too bad he owns the franchise…there’s nobody above him to appeal to…but as long as my real name is kept out of it, I’ll just publish my rebuttals on my own blog (I need to do that for legal reasons, in case this ends up in court)…he’s driving everybody there anyway!

    It would be nice, however, if he would just drop it all. I dropped it after the apology and if he would just shut up, I would be able to shut up about it as well…which I been trying to do ever since he acknowledged the crappy service, said they were going to fix it, and apologized.

  12. michaelm says:

    Oooh, a food fight?
    I love food fights.
    Off to check it out (after reading a few more posts)

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