teh interweb can haz giggles

Sometimes, word verifaction* is so spot on, I wonder if it’s psychic.



*”befok” is Afrikaans slang for ‘fucked up’….which is precisely what my day has been.

Thanks Beaverbooosch, for the unwitting laugh.

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7 thoughts on “teh interweb can haz giggles

  1. beaverboosh says:

    My pleasure dahling, I’m pyschic that way, and this extends to the instruments in my life, including my blog verification, which is also multi-lingustic… what a load of unwitting shite eh!

  2. Seraphine says:

    haha. i bet you blinked twice on this one.
    and it’s pretty bad when word verification
    was your good experience of the day!

  3. Parenthesis says:

    You’re right. This is befok – lovely!

  4. Dolce says:

    @ Beaverboosh > You have extended instruments?

    @ Seraphina > *sigh* yeah. Suckage.

    @ Ms P > And befok is so satisfying!

    @ Vaps > Yes. Is true.

  5. beaverboosh says:

    My instuments extend, often to places they should not.

  6. daisyfae says:

    delighted to learn yet another way to say “fucked up”… life is good. thank god for the internet…

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