The harsh white light framed her body in a silhouette.

She was standing on the balcony of the house, looking out over the scrubland of the Karoo. Her elbows on the balustrade. She leaned back into a stretch, hanging her head and then looking back over her shoulder into the house. He watched her from the couch.

“So. What do you think?” he asked

“Beautiful. Not what I expected. There’s almost nothing out there. But it’s beautiful”

He stood up. Walked out of the shaded house into the heat and slid his hands onto her waist.

“Are you happy?”

She straightened and leaned back. Closed her eyes and breathed in the desert and the warm soapy smell of his skin.

“No. But it doesn’t matter. It’s been too long. I can’t keep thinking things will change. I just want to forget. Forget it ever happened.”

He turned his face into her dark hair, his mouth on her neck. His hands moved over her t-shirt and up her waist to cup her breasts, thumbs stroking her nipples.

“It’s ok,” he whispered. “It’ll be ok.”

She turned into him, tears slipping down her cheeks as he slowly pulled the t-shirt over her head.

“It’ll be ok.”

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10 thoughts on “Karoo

  1. nursemyra says:

    I have a feeling there’s more to this tale than you’re telling

  2. kyknoord says:

    Yeah, I hated the latest Indiana Jones movie, too.

  3. daisyfae says:

    life is just improvisational dance – and what we’ve experienced gives us new steps. damn shame that sometimes we don’t get to pick the music. hey… that’s fucking cosmic. i should have my own podcast…

  4. thegnukid says:

    wow! it’s like i’m reliving my last prom all over… i think i still have that t-shirt

  5. Hmmm, I sort of remember a scene like this from my own life. Those were the days.

  6. beaverboosh says:

    I love a good romantic comedy, you are an effin larf!

  7. Rox says:

    Powerful stuff hun, sjoe.

  8. Vapour says:

    Baatard! Doesn’t he know?

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Nurse M > nah, not really…just a thought that needed writing…but then again, everything’s rooted in something, so there probably is something to it…just not too obvious – to me anyway ;)!

    @ Kyk > She bought the ticket. She made the choice. I have no sympathy.

    @ Dais > we could start a pod-show…like those independent TV shows, only online and with more silliness.

    @ Gnu > Your date wore a tshirt to the prom? Cool.

    @ Silverstar > Ja, what’s a few tears if you get laid, right?

    @ Jents > thanks darlin’! (you sick lady 🙂 )

    @ Booooosch > you’ll laugh til you cry.

    @ Rox > nah. I was lazy. But thanks chica!

    @ Vaps > They never do, Vapour man, they never do. *sigh*

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