Spaghetti’ists and thinkers, ponderers and humanists, your plight has been heard.  In a world run by fundamentalists and Dubbyas, Malemas and McCauley’s, some sanity prevails.


The Atheists have had enough.  And my heart sings. 


Basically, in response to a whole lot of religious advertising on busses in the UK, the local followers of his noodliness are raising funds for a little counter attack.  Fabulous!




My mate, Andrew mentioned this a while back.  His latest post is just one of many (Nic, Girl), but it gives a little background into the atheist bus campaign.  Good work boys. 


Now if only Dawkins wasn’t so fekkin’ condescending.

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15 thoughts on “Bus’ted

  1. engage2 says:

    Dawkins is God!

    God cannot condescend.

  2. Muhamad says:

    Bus-ted! Fun pun.

  3. daisyfae says:

    oh, i love this… no threats, no self-righteous “I Don’t Believe and YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER” stuff (which is kinda fun). Just “hey, relax…”.

    i don’t think my little burg is ready for this, but i’m munching over the idea of a local campaign regardless…

  4. thegnukid says:

    Thank God I’m an Atheist… ooo, wait… that doesn’t work, does it?

  5. Seraphine says:

    haha i love the sign on the bus.
    i sometimes think more war and misery
    is caused by religious conviction than
    anything else.

  6. Dolce says:

    @ Engage2 > Um…ok, so all this atheist stuff is just Dawkin’s messianic complex manifesting? Cool.

    @ Muhamad > Why thank you, kind visitor

    @ Dais > I’m thinking this is going to get bigger than ole London Town. On a bus near you….

    @ Gnu > Haha…bit like Engage2 saying Dawkins is god.

    @ Sera > ExACTly…everyone should go to tolerance classes from the time they’re old enough to walk on two legs.

  7. kyknoord says:

    I wonder what Ceiling Cat would have to say about that?

  8. Seraphine says:

    i don’t think i can tolerate tolerance classes.
    it’s like telling teenagers not to f*ck. it was
    in my genes to do the opposite to what i’ve been
    told to do when i was in school. tolerance is an
    adult skill, bot a children’s skill. children,
    some of us were, are too selfish to learn tolderance.

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > Meow hiss?

    @ Nurse M > The great golden cat in the sky, of course.

    @ Seraphine > I hear you. But people will try and teach and I reckon rather tolerance than religious instruction. Like real sex ed rather than finger waggin abstinence lectures. You know, I had a history teacher who took our R.I. classes (ironic). She used to tell us that she was saving herself for Jeebers. We stuck a bumper sticker on her car which said “virginity can be cured”. She was not amused. *grin*. I don’t know. Children learn to hate. It’s taught. So perhaps a little counter intelligence. *sigh*

  10. michaelm says:

    As the dyslexic said, “There is no Dog”
    jesus Krispies, what a bumper sticker for a bus!

  11. Dolce says:

    @ ~m > At least the spag people have a sense of humour, hey?

  12. Dear dahling Dolce,

    Far be it for moi to patronise. God cannot do that well either being as how he only sired one chicklet apparently by some holy trick that left a hymen intact. So who am I to deny the fairytale?. Darn – where was the dude when I was younger and testosterone was pumping through me 24/7.

    He sure could have saved me a lot of prayer time periodically! In fact, routinely. Some years I was in confession so much a bus timetable could set its watch by my skulking into a kerk!

    OK so Dawkins is not God. Neither is Hawkins. But fer crissakes some Kins is and I wish we knew who/what and where the secretive being was or is.

  13. Dolce says:

    @ BERT!!!! > Hello darling…are you still alive? And ja, I’m more of an ag than a ath. I’m far too arrogent for the the latter. *grin*. How’s Blighty?

  14. […] just makes me *happy*! The athesist bus campaign that I blogged about a while back got it’s funding…and launched the other […]

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