I’d like to thank my gynacologist…

Ja, ja.  So I had to prompt for it+, but I’ve received a lovely overshare award for my Excrutiating Poesarts Post*, where I shared WAAAAAY too much information with the interweb and generally added to the mortification of the whole sordid incident.


Ta, Cheap Thrills. Ta very much.  No, srsly.

+ the things I’ll do for fame and fortune.  Well, just fame.  Um, I mean hits.  Oh, god, I’m such a blogwhore.

* did I just direct people there again?**

** I did, didn’t I?***

*** Will the shame ever end? ****

**** Shut up, SHUT UP!

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6 thoughts on “I’d like to thank my gynacologist…

  1. ExMi says:

    sucker for punishment you are.

    or is that poenishment?

    well-deserved overshare award.


  2. daisyfae says:

    Schadenfreude for the ages, dear…. Thank you….

  3. nursemyra says:

    a post well worth revisiting 🙂

  4. Dolce says:

    @ ExMi > Poenishment….whahahaa. Funny girl.

    @ Dais > I suppose it’s only fair, considering how much I indulge in that particular German pasttime!

    @ Nurse M > I do die, but I laugh too. I think that’s something

  5. michaelm says:

    OB-GYN’s rock.
    I used to be a gynecologist but I still keep my hands in the business . . .

  6. Dolce says:

    @ ~m > I’m sure you do *grin*

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