Not a T-Shirt Friday

This whole “T-Shirt Friday” meme* of Nurse M’s stuffs me up a bit, coz I don’t wear T-shirts, on the whole.  which makes things a little challenging.  If you see what I mean.

So I thought; ‘what *do* I really, really like wearing?’ 

And this month, I thought “bubbles”.  My happiest state, if I’m truthful, is wearing as little as possible, and preferably under water.  LB thinks I might be a were-fish, or a murmering maid.  Or something.

So here you are.  My Bubble Bath (not really a T-shirt at all) Friday.


Cheating in the extreme, but then again, it is all hallows eve.  No rules, no foul.  *evil grin*

*last Friday of every month.  Blog a T-Shirt (or whatever, clearly) with a story. Link back to our lovely Nurse M.   Dais and Silverstar likely to play along.  Join in by all means.

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11 thoughts on “Not a T-Shirt Friday

  1. nursemyra says:

    oh you’re in – fantastic! I love your photo too. will go back and link to you now xx

  2. egadfly says:

    Where fish?

    If you were a were-fish, you’d have to live in a were-fishbowl. In a were-house.

    Your toes are too cute, and insufficiently webbed, for fishness. However you may well be a murmuring maid, up- (or down-?) -gradeable to murdering maid when necessary. Ref the letter opener incident.

  3. My goodness, we are daring, aren’t we? Nice toes.

  4. Dolce says:

    @ Nurse M > Ta muchly….so much fun.

    @ Egadfly > I kinda wish I had webbed feet. And definitely down 🙂 I’m good at going down.

    @ Silverstar > Only a little bit. And my toes are my present to myself for giving up smoking. Now I have a pedicure every month, no matter how broke I am…after all, I always found the money for smokes!

  5. tNb says:

    Fabulous cheating (along with a fabulous pedicure) 🙂

  6. kyknoord says:

    I have some left-over bubble wrap you can use as work clothes.

  7. daisyfae says:

    i’m up! love the toes! i treat myself to the occasional pedicure because…. um…. because… oh, hell… FUCK YOU, BECAUSE THAT’S WHY!

    there may be bubbles in my future! i like this! will have to figure out how to make edible bubbles…

  8. Parenthesis says:

    Nice toesies 🙂

  9. UncleKeith says:

    No complaints. A woman in bubbles is always preferably to a woman in a T-shirt.

  10. thegnukid says:

    is that LB i see lurking amidst the bubbles down there? very, VERY lucky man…

  11. Dolce says:

    @ tNB > welcome, welcome…and what an excellent eye you have! I’m rather partial to toe pampering! *grin*

    @ Kyk > Would drive our receptionist mad! … I’m in!

    @ Dais > Edible bubbles? You’re on to somethin’ goooood here, Ms Fae…*pondering*

    @ Ms P > thought you’d appreciate them! 🙂

    @ Uncle Keith > You are an Uncle of great insight!

    @ Gnu > He likes to play, yes. And I’m the lucky one…really. 😉

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