If facebook was real…then again. It isn’t. Is it?


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9 thoughts on “Facebloke

  1. daisyfae says:

    as a non ‘face booker’ and non my spacer, i have no idea how it works… but it creeps me the fuck out to think that people i didn’t like in elementary school could find me… i’ll stick with sorting out demons in the ether, for $200 alex!

  2. nursemyra says:

    I still haven’t got speakers for my computer but am keeping my fingers crossed that Santa is bringing me a pair…..

  3. gullybogan says:

    That’s several of the reasons why i’m not on FaceSpace.

  4. Dolce says:

    @ Dais > I’ve always liked a bit of stalkerage. But the one person I hoped wouldn’t find me, did. And that was a little eye opening. Eep.

    @ Nurse M > A pair of… 😉

    @ G-Bogan > Good god. Am I the *only* person on Facebook? Sshhhheeeet. Who *are* all these “FRIENDS”?

  5. Pete says:

    Brilliant ms Dolcerina! Now about those photos …

  6. I’m on Facebook, but I don’t have many friends. And I don’t think anybody is looking for me, either. Thank Heaven. If they find me, I’m out of there.

  7. jebus says:

    I love you.

  8. kyknoord says:

    Ok. That’s just fucking scary. Tell me Arsebook isn’t like that.

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Pete > Mmm. You really want to bring up facebook 😉

    @ Silverstar > Haha. Me too.

    @ Jebus > Aw, cute. I wub you too!

    @ Kyk > No, arsebook is MUCH worse. Full of lunatics!

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