Extreme Romance

One of my most beloved cousins got married on Sunday.  A flippin’ deeply romantic wedding.   Set on rolling green hills in front of a dam.  White blankets and bottles of champers on the lawn.  Fairy lights and candles everywhere.  The bridegroom, my cuz, swallowing back the emotion of seeing his love in her lovely vintage dress.  A day filled with a real sense that two people who really dig each other were getting hitched for all the right reasons.  They even said their own vows and they didn’t suck*.  They held each others hands the whole evening.  And every person in the room** cried in the speeches.  Sounds trite and vomit-worthy when I type it, but it was astoundingly beautiful and I was rather sad that I didn’t have LB by my side to gaze adoringly at during the squishy bits.


But in amongst the hearts and romance I had to laugh.  Who should be there, but the Seth.  Seth is the stage name of a local Cape Town blogger boy who styles himself as a bit of an international lothario/Camps Bay playboy.  He’s got a bit of a reputation, but a wicked sense of humour, so is forgiven.

Seth? Seth, is that you?

Seth? Seth, is that you?

His blog often runs sightings of a tall blonde oke called the TBG.  Who, as my excellent luck would have it, was the EmCee…he and his lovely missus gave a crackingly hilarious welcome speech about plagues*** and White Wine Monsters****, which is why he does indeed appear to be holding a piece of paper with the word “FROGS” written on it.

Could it be?

Could it be?

The bloggosphere is ever smaller.  *cackle*

*Anything that mentions being “your partner in mischief” gets my vote

**’kay, twas more like a large tent

***their first venue got washed away in a flood, their second nearly got burnt down.  Acts of god anyone?

****that thing what rears its head after a couple of glass of cold sauv blanc.  Another act of god!

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9 thoughts on “Extreme Romance

  1. Jeanette says:

    Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding!

  2. nursemyra says:

    and a fun wedding to boot! I’m always envious of people who meet other bloggers…..

  3. kyknoord says:

    I like the first photo: “Two to beam up, Mr Scott”

  4. thegnukid says:

    there seem to be lots of ‘acts of god’ out your way… was it something you said? did? didn’t do?

    lovely wedding, though…

  5. Miss P says:

    Dear Dolce
    You’ve been nominated!
    Love ya too!
    Miss P

  6. Tyger Katt says:

    *sigh* That does look rather stunning.

    Happy New Year, Dolcie!

  7. Dolce says:

    @ Jents > It was really, really stunning….just my kinda party…barefoot guests, great food, candles everywhere. Gorgeous.

    @ Nurse M > we didn’t officially meet 😉 It was more of an anonymous stalk.

    @ Kyk > They are getting beamed to Bali for a month. I’m not feeling very charitable towards them.

    @ Gnu man > Good thing I don’t believe in him…

    @ Ms P > you ROCK! Ta muchly…

    @ Katya > You too darlin’…here’s to a HUGE one!

  8. haha – Seth is becoming a celebrity around Cape Town!

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Eric > hola! Welcome to the good life. Now send me a t-shirt and I’ll take a photo and post it for T-shirt Friday. In fact, how about you sponsor my T-shirt Friday once a month – I’ll wear it, photograph it, link to you and then send it on to whomever wants to win it? And ja. Seth is a corker.

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