Get on the bus, people!

This just makes me *happy*! The athesist bus campaign that I blogged about a while back got it’s funding…and launched the other day…

Thanks to The Girl for the awesome pic.

Richard Dawkin’s even joined the campaign creator, Ariane Sherine, to launch the red bus out to the world.

How delightful!



11 thoughts on “Get on the bus, people!

  1. gullybogan says:

    They should put this banner on the FRONT of the bus, and change it to “…and enjoy what’s left of your life”.

  2. thegnukid says:

    Christians hand out bibles and crosses… what do atheists hand out?

  3. nursemyra says:

    yep it’s making me grin too. and isn’t Richard Dawkins a happy man in that photo 🙂

  4. kyknoord says:

    “Stop worrying and enjoy your life”? A tall order indeed, god or no god.

  5. Miss P says:

    Nursemyra: no doubt he’s thanking the gods … the stars … empty space for putting him in the same frame as that there girl. Anyone in their right mind would …

  6. 302 says:

    get me an agnostic cab will you the atheist bus is full

  7. Pete says:

    Yes, I would go with the agnostic bus rather than the atheist bus. That’s so definite. This way, we agnostics get to sit on the fence. But it’s a cool idea, and quite sexy too.

  8. beaverboosh says:

    Nothing better than assertive authority eh! Probably! Hmmmm. Have a fantastic 2009 and I promise not to think about your tits as much as I did in 2008!

  9. daisyfae says:

    i want to see the atheist plumbing trucks with the message – “we’re all circling the drain! stop waiting for shit to happen and get on with your life, ya bunch of whiny sheep!”

    ok. maybe not quite so catchy, but you get the drift flow….

  10. Rox says:

    I want one of those t-shirts, and sure agnostics can rock them too – after all, it says there’s probably no god. Actually scrap that, I want a dyslexic agnostic one that says ‘there may be no dog, so have another glass of wine and stop talking shit!’.

  11. Dolce says:

    @ Gully > You’re evil. I like.

    @ Gnu > lollipops?

    @ Nurse M > Reminds me of that joke: Just because you’re on your knees and someone is shouting “oh god” doesn’t mean you’re having a religious experience.

    @ Kyk > We put the fatal into fatalism

    @ Ms P > He does look like a dirty old geezer, doesn’t he? *grin*

    @ 302 > I lean towards the agnostic side of the fence too. (And glad to see you’re still alive!)

    @ Pete > the splinters in your bum are a bit of an issue though.

    @ Booooosch > Aw? Why not?

    @ Dais > so *that’s* why I’ve been feeling dizzy.

    @ Rox > Woof!

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