The drawing of the bloggers

So there was little impromptu blogger meet up last night.  Organised by the lovely Foxxxy Roxxxy at Neighbourhood in Long Street.


3 beers, one falafel burger and a lot of strange looks* later, I snuggled up in bed delighted to have put faces to e’names.  What fun.


Oh, and the ever talented Kyknoord took the photos.  Old school style.  Wiff a pen.


Meet the meet up:

with a foxxxy new haircut too!

Rox; girl blogger and freelancer.  All round awesome chick.


he *does* look a bit like Christian Bale!

Kyknoord; emo self portrait of the talented artist.  He’s hot too. 


Tristan; who looks less like a muppet that this photo would imply 🙂 .  Deep thinker.  Cheeky grin.



Mr 302; complier of the greatest jazz/bossanova/latin albums in the world.  Asthete, reader of Monacle, sharer of good things. 



Blade (complete with his Wingman); lover, playa, sharer of hook up tips.  Smooth guy with a big ‘ol wide grin. 



Blade’s bro; muso, not blogging yet, but tempted…I’d read it, Blade’s Bro, I would I would!



Revo (!); oh yeah, the Revo man.  Finally.  Twisted, just the way we like ’em.  Also man with many interests….in the slow, contemplative words of of Shere Khan the Tiger, “how delightful”.


and then there was me, with horns*.


Sadly, Sexy Red Frame and Dance Floor Tragedy arrived a little later, so weren’t captured for blogger prosperity.


Nice to meet you, blogfolk. *grin*


*I was wearing horns.  People seem to think that’s an odd thing to do.


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20 thoughts on “The drawing of the bloggers

  1. blade says:

    loads o fun
    thanks for coming 🙂

  2. Rox says:

    That’s the coolest blogger bash re-hash I’ve ever seen – thanks for your awesome company hun!

  3. DT says:

    Hehehe! To be honest lady I did wonder about the horns :-)! I hope we will get to chat sometime soon!!

  4. nursemyra says:

    I love you in horns – sexier than ever you horny little devil

  5. kyknoord says:

    Oh man, it’s like looking in a mirror!

  6. Dolce says:

    @ Blade > ’twas, wasn’t it. Just sorry I was such lahooooser and went home early!

    @ Rox > You organise good bashes!

    @ DT > Pah! Every girl needs her party horns!

    @ NurseM > LB does too *evil grin*

    @ Kyk > You’re a genius!

  7. Redframe says:

    I knew I had you bookmarked somewhere, and there you are, hi! I had a great time, lovely to meet all of you!

  8. Great pic..I love the way it brings out my eyes.

  9. Jeanette says:

    Sounds like an excellent evening!

  10. Tristan says:

    Loving my muppet portrait. and the existential conversations. You guys missed out on the Patron coffee tequila… Yum.

  11. Miss P says:

    And there I was expecting a halo … 😈

  12. Miss P says:

    And there I was expecting a halo … 😈

  13. Miss P says:

    Sorry. Connection dropped.

  14. beaverboosh says:

    omg, you’ve got horns as well… v hot!

  15. Dolce says:

    @ RedFrame > and lovely to meet you! Was sad not to see the glasses though 🙂

    @ Revo > And you sure know how to surprise a girl 😈

    @ Jents > when you’re down next??

    @ Tristan > Take the red pill Neo!

    @ Ms P > Moi? Halo? 😈

    @ Booooosch > *grin*…why thank you. I’m rather partial to them!

  16. daisyfae says:

    yeah, but do your horns light up? why wouldn’t a gal wear horns to a blogger meet up… love what you’ve done with your hair, too.

  17. Dolce says:

    @ Dais > They don’t light up. But they make LB’s face light up, which is even better 😈

  18. 302 says:

    so glad that my chiseled shape jaw was that well captured in the haze of the bash but the credit must go to artist.

    and i suspect that if we are not careful this maybe the start of a new comic strip.

  19. Dolce says:

    @ 302 > I gather you were also lured by the tequila coffee, so no wonder it was a haze :)…bloody good to see you, Mr!

  20. […] The lovely Dolce at least seems to have remained true to form – all sweetness and light, with only the  occasional case of horniness […]

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