Welcome baby girl

hola baby girl!

Meet my niece, only about an hour old.

To think, I was just talking to her in her mum’s tum.  And now she’s here.  Radiant.  More than randiant.  Perfect.

Welcome, darling girl.  Can’t wait to get to know you.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome baby girl

  1. Miss P says:

    A definite winner – gorgeous, like her mom – and her aunt? 🙂
    Congrats, and welcome to the world, little one, glad all went well .. .

  2. Jeanette says:

    Welcome to the world little one 🙂

  3. daisyfae says:

    awww… so cute. before they hold you hostage and start making ridiculous demands… like food, shelter, money for video games, cars, expensive clothing, education…. bah…

  4. Rox says:

    Aaaw, precious! Congrats Aunty Dolce, sure you’ll make the best aunt ever!

  5. As a professional aunt, I definitely recommend that course. Then when they get fussy/stinky you can hand them back to their parents. And buy stuff, and spoil them. It’s great. I’ll bet Aunt Dolce is already envisioning all the outfits she’s going to buy for this little darling.

  6. nursemyra says:

    oh how fabulous! sending you congratulatory hugs and kisses xx

  7. Dolce says:

    @ Ms P > You sure know how to compliment an auntie…thanks chica! *grin*

    @ Jents > when you’re next in Cape Town, I might ask you to quote me on some pics!

    @ Dais > Yeah. But then they snuffle against your neck, and you’re freakin’ lost.

    @ Rox > I’m gonna damn well try 🙂

    @ Silverstar > haha. I’m more of the type of aunty who is planning where I’m going to take them out and what stories I’ll spin about their parents!

    @ Nurse M > She’s so deliciously wrinkly. And thank you.

  8. Miss P says:

    Dazzle Me 7 is in progress dear.
    I hope you’ll rise to the challenge 😉
    Miss P

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