Boiling point

I leave for London on Friday.  What I haven’t mentioned yet is that the move comes with a  promotion of sorts.  I’ll now have a global role, and will be reporting into the London office.  This is effective as of the 1st of March.  Something my current fearless leader has not seen fit to share with the rest of the South African office yet.  He’s been promising to for two weeks.  My full time role will now be split amongst 3 or 4 different people.  None of whom technically even know that I’m leaving the country in four days.

While I sit here.  Twiddling my thumbs.  Unable to wrap things up. 

Fortunately, my relationships are such that I’ve generally been able to share this information with key people off the record and get moving on stuff that needs to happen.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could kick a certain arse with my most pointy toed shoes on.

Did I say that out loud?

Words fail this level of frustration.

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10 thoughts on “Boiling point

  1. kyknoord says:

    I imagine the panic will start to set in around 4pm on Thursday.

  2. Don’t break your shoes over it. The three or four people who suddenly have extra work while you are gone will kick his arse for you.

  3. daisyfae says:

    congrats on the promotion. perhaps enough extra cash to buy your boss a clue?

  4. Daemoncoder says:

    If your boss is that anally retentive, removing said pointy shoe might be difficult 🙂

  5. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    @ Silverstar > yeah, particularly when they find out they aren’t getting the handover they’re going to need. Fark.

    @ Dais > Extra cash? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA. You’re hilarious. It was a “promotion of sorts”, not an actual promotion. You know; “we’re giving you this awesome job, with loads more responsibility, because we value your amazing contribution, but in light of the current economic blah blah blah*fuckyou*blah blah blah…..”

    @ Daemoncoder > Good point. Now, where did I put that stapler?

  6. Sassy Miss P says:

    Hmmm. I can relate to the promotion without a promotion. It took me a year to realise that the most junior person in our team by role size and pay cheque – ME!- was also the person they assigned to a 100 million rand project. Well guess what the penny dropped and I am the f*ck out of there on Friday and not a day to soon. I’m going somewhere my contribution comes with a definitive pay cheque. Tell them you can’t live in, or wear, or turn your friends green envy with *cough* your amazing contribution. Cold hard cash now ….

  7. Sassy Miss P says:

    [not that I am bitter or anything … ] 😈

  8. Seraphine says:

    london! congratulations, that’s more than awesome.
    getting a promotion is one of those ‘in your face’ moments that will ultimately be more satisfying than any arse-kick with a pointy-toed shoe can ever offer. woohoo dolce!

  9. hisqueen says:

    May I inquire if those are shoes that you actually own and if so are they that color because they found themselves up someones arse after said person had green pea soup?
    London—have fun never been there but hubby has friends there. Hope to stop over on our way to Syria this summer.

  10. Dolce says:

    @ Ms P > Hey, I’ve got that bitter taste in my mouth at the moment…not a good feeling for the beginning of a new chapter. Hoping being in London will give me some distance!

    @ Sera > Yeah, and if all else fails, the title will give me more salary negotiation power at the next job! And London will be awesome! YAY!

    @ HisQueen > Welcome! I don’t actually have any shoes like that. But it occurs to me that they’d be useful. :mrgreen:

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