Everything is amazing. No one is happy.

Note to self: more gratitude, less ranting. Or you might get a donkey.  With pots hanging off it.

Via Matt Buckland. Thanks Matt

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10 thoughts on “Everything is amazing. No one is happy.

  1. hisqueen says:

    Love this–laughed the whole way through it..I so remember hating the “0” button. I didn’t know you could have your laptop hooked up when in the air..Awesome for me–will make the flight to Syria go faster..Hubby needs to put out for a second laptop…Colbert had a segment about going back to the 90’s –I forgot what dial up was like-was funny to see how far we’ve come in just my lifetime..And my kid thinks he needs a cellphone at 13yr old ha ha ha

  2. Daemoncoder says:

    Many many many moons ago, we didnt even have a dedicated phone line, we were on a party line. I still remember my Grade one school suitcase had written inside it: Dial 477, ask for 4703. That was before Cellphones, PC’s, TV’s, CD’s, DVD’s. We lived on the plots in Benoni and if you read Annica Foxcroft’s There are Ants in My Sugar you get a pretty good idea how my life started 🙂

  3. Dolce says:

    @ hisqueen > I remember writing all my UCT essays by hand and making plans…and having to stick to them because there were no cell phones. A simpler time indeed 🙂

    @ Daemondcoder > *cackle* giving your age away there, DC? And thanks for the book tip; am loving SA literature, so will look out for it.

  4. loved this video. SO true. so funny.

  5. msbetenoir says:

    dolce: when I started at UCT we were allowed a MAXIMUM of one handwritten essay, all the rest had to be typed and formatted to s certain strict and seemingly arbitrary standards in order to get your computer literacy pass. computers make life easier, yes?

  6. kyknoord says:

    So the lesson here is that technology doesn’t make your life better, it just gives you something more up-to-date to complain about? I can live with that.

  7. Daemoncoder says:

    Hmmm, this new-fangled tech brought Kyk and Dolce together, hadnt noticed any complaining about that 🙂 And I suspect Kyk’s life improved somewhat as a result (I’ll stop playing advocatus diaboli now…)

  8. nursemyra says:

    thanks Dolce – this was pretty funny. I didn’t know you could access the internet on a plane now either!

    I was at a garage sale a couple of months ago where there was a dial up phone for sale. Two little boys in scouts uniforms were asking the seller what it was used for….. 🙂

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Dorothy Black > Welcome to the good life, Ms Black. And glad I could be of service in the giggle department.

    @ MsBetnoir > FINALLY! And indeed. As DC points out, without these newfangled machineois, I’d be sans a couple of good mates and one fantastic lover!

    @ Kyk > I love how you see the bright side 😉

    @ DC > Um. Good points. Mutter. Grumble.

    @ Nurse M > Bless (oh, god. We’re getting old – and beds at the Gim?)

  10. […] this YouTube, have a smile and remind yourself how lucky we are to enjoy the benefits of technology and the […]

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