Underground, overground, wombling free….

Since I’ve been living in Wimbledon, people in the know have been asking if I’ve spotted any Wombles.  For those of you with a deprived childhood, The Wombles was a British programme about a bunch of fabulous furry beasts who lived on Wimbledon common and were basically the first recyclers. They loved  “making good news of the things that they find, the things that everyday folk leave behind.”

I *LOVED* the Wombles.  Great Uncle Bulgaria and his young charges Orinoco, Tomsk, Bungo, and Wellington and friends Madame Cholet and Tobermory.  But it was Orinoco who was my favourite.  A bungling sleep loving Womble who liked to eat.  What’s not to like.

So imagine my delight when I spotted Orinco in the window, not of a Wimbledon house, but a bungelow in Hampton Wick.  Clearly been wombling further afield.


Orinoco?  Is that you?

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13 thoughts on “Underground, overground, wombling free….

  1. Jeanette says:

    Loved the wombles too 🙂 LOL that you found one in a window and I love that you had your camera on hand!

  2. beaverboosh says:

    Hey Womble girl, have you moved back to Blighty?

  3. nursemyra says:

    now you’ve got me singing the song……

  4. kyknoord says:

    Pool li’l guy. He looks like he’s trying to get out so he can go home. I think you should call the RSPCW.

  5. Dolce says:

    @ Jents > just my phone camera…hence the grainy paparazzi shot!

    @ Booooossscchhh > just here until the end of April for work. Then back to sunny Souf Africa.

    @ Nurse M > you got the Wombles down under? Aaaah, the joys of colonialism!

    @ Kyk > I suspect so too. Keep wondering how I could liberate him. (Womble cruely must be stopped!!)

  6. Ah, the things I missed in my childhood. However, I did have a grandmother who had a drawer full of string too short to use. Does that count?

  7. Seraphine says:

    eating and sleeping are human-kind’s greatest pleasure.
    and no, no piano for me for a while.

  8. 302 says:

    who’s up this week – postman pat and his black and white cat?

    there you go wobbling free…

  9. betenoir says:

    my first boyfriend had (at 18) a womble duvet set and pillows. It made getting amorous a bit…weird.

  10. bunnyabroad says:

    So, did you not see any Wombles in Wimbledon 😉

  11. Dolce says:

    @ Silverstar > And a box full of buttons?

    @ Sera > And a little fabulous noookie! And sorry to hear that.

    @ Monsieur 302 > I was thinking Pumpkin Patch and then a little Liewe Heksie, just because I’m missin’ yulle.

    @ Bete > New meaning to underground, over ground. Did he make good use of the things that he found 😉

    @ BunnyAbroad > Welcome! And not *one*. Maybe they’ve all moved to the wider ‘burbs

  12. kyknoord says:

    Re: your reply to Betenoir. Does that extend to “…the things that the everyday folks leave behind”? *snort*

  13. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk re: Bete > I’m not sure she’s that kind of girl…then again?

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