London is full of strange places and interesting experiences.  So I wasn’t surprised when dins on the town was Asian fusion in a hot new restuarant.

What did surprise me at the gorgeous Inamo in Soho was that you could order your own food using an interactive table/projector/computer-esque type set up, where the menu and associated pictures were projected on to your table setting from above, the menu itself navigated by means of a circular ‘mouse pad’ on the actual table top.  Huge fun.  And delicious, despite weird lags in stuff coming out from the kitchen.  The salted endame beans….man, I loved them so much I forgot to take a photo!

You could also change the background of your table, play games and book further entertainment at one of the many establishments in the area.

So I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was that we ended up singing Karaoke in a private suite in at The Lucky Voice down the road, thanks to a cunning prompt from our table waitron programme.  Belting out 80s tunes under the purple glow of space invaders type electronic hearts and crosses made me surprisingly happy.

Having to get up for work the next morning, not so much.

Choosing a 'table cloth'...grass or snow?

Choosing a 'table cloth'...grass or snow?

More photos after the jump….

Navigating the menu

Navigating the menu

What the menu said the vietnamese spring rolls looked like

What the menu said the vietnamese spring rolls looked like

What they actually looked like

What they actually looked like

Pass us the microphone then...

Pass us the microphone then...

Purple space invaders rain

Purple space invaders rain

Wondering whether singing that loudly was what prompted the sicky sickness?  Either way, I’m back on form.  Yay!

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16 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. daisyfae says:

    sounds like a fabulous place to play! the projected springrolls look a bit, um… sort of like something i disected in biology class. the real things much more edible. will track this place down on my next trip to london…

  2. kyknoord says:

    They look like they contained actual springs. Yum.

  3. Cool place! I want to go play there. You’d think some place like Seattle, home to Microsoft, would have something like that.

  4. michaelm says:

    What? No audio clip?
    What song(s) did you sing?

  5. nursemyra says:

    looks like a lot of fun. maybe we should look into this technology for the gimcrack. or maybe we shouldn’t…..

  6. hisqueen says:

    That looks cool..just goes to show that no matter what the technology is-the meals never look like the picture..
    Glad you’re having fun…Hope to go to London next year to see friends–will visit your post for places to see.

  7. 302 says:

    looks too cool.

    i remember the very first time i was in soho, also at some asian restuarant that our american colleagues ‘swore’ by.

    so we walked from the meeting venue and after 10 minutes in the lovely summer evening light we heard shouting and then some bloke at the top of his voice ‘screaming you bitch’ probably at a lover or whatever and throwing a shoe at him across the street.

    i just thought – we must be in soho – and a minute later we were at the restuarant. they didn’t have anything so fancy just a waitron who wrote down our orders, i’m sure it was like #42 with rice.

    old skool but delicious.

  8. Sassy Miss P says:

    How much alcohol was involved? ‘Cos there’s no other real excuse for karaoke … :mrgreen:

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Dais > so. much. fun. And pretty delicious!

    @ Kyknoord > how did you know?

    @ Silverstar > you don’t? Sacrilege!

    @ ~M > A lady never sings and tells 😈

    @ Nurse M > well of course, they’d just be ordering the same 7 courses of soft food, right? 😉

    @ HQ > these were fairly close…but all that food styling tells!

    @ Mr 302 > oh yeah baby! Soho. Where the lights are red and the crazies abound. Love it.

    @ Ms P > a bit. Maybe. :mrgreen:

  10. couchtrip says:

    Very cool, Ms Dolce. And glad to hear you’re back in belting form.

  11. betenoir says:

    now i’m hungry. thanks 😛

  12. Seraphine says:

    wow dolce, you are having so much fun! all except for the karaoke. being anywhere where there is the remote possibility of having to sing scares me.

  13. robinaltman says:

    That looks so cool! I fear I’ll never see something so modern and techno. I’m stuck in the outskirts of HELL.

  14. jenty says:

    What a funky place!

  15. UncleKeith says:

    Can you get porn on that table?

  16. Dolce says:

    @ Couchtrip > Aaah, this was before my collapse. I’m not saying it was the cause…but you know…

    @ Bete > me toooo……..for suuuuuuuuuushi.

    @ Sera > that’s what I thought…until that microphone landed in my hands

    @ Robin > make a trip to the dark (purple) side

    @ Jents > it was rather fabulous. The press buttons for cocktails rocked too.

    @ Uncle Keith > Sadly not at our table…buth they might have a back room.

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