Brighton Bliss

The storm approaches*

The storm approaches*

I spent a recent weekend in Brighton on the British South Coast.  Apart from the opportunity to spend time with an old friend who I’ve know since we were silly school girls, the weekend was just in time to restore my frazzled stressed out old self.  Brighton is a brilliant, strange, beautiful, tacky, odd, fabulous, artistic, exciting,  interesting and deeply compelling town.

There is something about walking through this town that lifts me.  From the mohawked punks to the lovers of all types and persuasions.  The incredible tiny shops filled with everything a warped mind could dream of.  The cockles and mussels and jellied eels on sale.  Enough to make me grin, even as we shivered against the cold.

Brighton bliss.

More pics:British beach life

Beach carousel

Beach carousel

Pebbled beaches



Shopping in The Laines

The Laines

The Laines

Street art

A Banksy no less**

A Banksy no less**


Cockholes and mussholes alive alive oh!

Cockholes and mussholes alive alive oh!

* Brighton has two piers.  One is a bustling hub of tacky neon lights and fun fair type stuff.  The other is a towering broken and burnt edifice that is home to a hundred sea gulls and somehow looks forlorn and imposing against the grey sky.  A storm was approaching and this photo does no justice to the incredible view, but we were utterly enthralled.  The hail that followed was less delightful.

** Famous graffitist, who protested the establishment with beautiful street art.  Was initially anonymous, but then unveiled, much to his supporters disappointment, to be a middle class boyo from the burbs and not the protesting poverty stricken artiste everyone had hoped.  Still, the work is good.  And I am rather partial to graffiti.

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28 thoughts on “Brighton Bliss

  1. quartercenturycrisis says:

    So what exactly are cockels and whelks?!

  2. robinaltman says:

    I was with you right up until the “jellied eels”. That’s just wrong.

  3. daisyfae says:

    i am a complete sucker for carousels… on the beach? i’d never leave…. gorgeous pictures!

    oh, and if there are ‘crab flavoured sticks’, i still wonder if the rocks taste like lobster…

    • Dolce says:

      @ Dais > Me too. There is something about the leisurely side saddle and music round about of the carousel. I didn’t have any cash on me this time for a ride, but I hovered for hours. And thanks lady, now I’m singing B52 songs!

  4. kyknoord says:

    It looks fu-fu-fu-freeezing. Were there any girls selling seashells by the sea shore?

  5. Sassy Miss P says:

    I love the cobbled beach. Hope you’re bringing some home, would make a lovely addition to my rockery 🙂

  6. UncleKeith says:

    Gosh, it looks so warm.

  7. Seraphine says:

    what’s a cockle? i am pretty sure i’ve heard of cockle shells somewhere, so i suppose it is a kind of sea creature? silver bells and cockle shells maybe?

  8. hisqueen says:

    jellied eels…..pass
    the storm is awesome….I’m always in awe of how Mother Nature looks when she’s not dumping it right on me.
    did the beach really have those kinds of pebbles on it? I would leave with my pockets full if I walked on that beach..

    • Dolce says:

      @ HQ > any kind of eels, actually. Yuck. The whole entire beach is covered with them. It is only pebbles. Pebbles pebbles pebbles! I also want to steal them, but when weighed against boots and a couple of new bras, I’m not so keen 😉

  9. Pebbly beaches, the same kind we have in Washington State. Hard on the feet and ankles, too, as well as the bum. Very familiar with them. Love looking at everbody’s travel pics, especially yours. Keep them coming.

    • Dolce says:

      @ Silverstar > I can imagine…we didn’t do too much wandering. And ja…I like looking at the world through other (and real) people’s eyes.

  10. graeme says:

    I love Brighton, my fav city in the UK, met my wife there, almost killed myself (too many times, and always by misadventure!) staggering thru the laines looking for the ley lines to take me back to the back of west street by the seafront…joy oh joy, the music, the freaks, a place where you can find an anarchist and an economist sitting having a pint in the pub, sometimes it was even the same person an anarchist economist dribbling away to himselves in the corner. The Catalyst Club, the volks, the ocean rooms, the enigma club, yeah brighton got music. Brighton, ah brighton, what more can you say…the place is brill even if the beach sand is 20cm thick! cheers for the post made me a happy guy

    • Dolce says:

      @ Graeme > Welcome oh Brighton Fan, you are welcome!! I can so understand why three of my oldest friends live in that little town…it’s fab. Your description is EXACTLY how I feel too *grin*

  11. 302 says:

    looks lovely and surreal – it is only a small island – sometimes you are reminded of that

  12. Tyger Katt says:

    I think I hear the strains of Molly Malone there?

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