Foxy Lady*

Not entirely what you expect to see in the garden on any given morning.

Codename: Ratty (not a well groomed example)

Codename: Ratty (not a well groomed example)

In my best David Attenborough voice:  And here we have the common example of the 10 000 foxes that roam the city’s streets.  What will he do next?

* to be fair, I didn’t get close enough to work out if this scruffy specimen was a Vixen or dog-fox

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30 thoughts on “Foxy Lady*

  1. Nice. All we have over here is coyotes. Foxes tend to stay out of Man’s way. I saw one in the Garden of the Gods once, though.

  2. Rox says:

    Awesome! Since they fixed the fence by the farm, all I see around here are rats and bloody pigeons.

  3. IITQ says:

    Cool. I was travelling on the Tube once and we got to one of those open areas between the tunnels. I saw a fox on the bank and stood bolt upright, pointed and said (loudly): “Fox!”

    I’m sure all the Londoners were thinking, “Bloody mad Saffa.”

    • Dolce says:

      @ IITQ > But you *are* a bloody mad Saffa and we wouldn’t have it any other way. P.S. I do that with snow…get totally over excited and point it out to *everybody*

  4. daisyfae says:

    male. in the garden, early morning, looking like hell warmed over? obviously on his way home, after a night out with the guys – drinking, pissing on walls and looking for a little girl-fox action…

  5. robinaltman says:

    Must be an escapee from a fox hunt. Did he demand sanctuary?

  6. kyknoord says:

    It looks very 20th Century.

  7. Sassy Miss P says:

    Looks like something straight out of a Beatrix Potter story … Mr Mac Gregor’s garden? 🙂

  8. that fox doesn’t look anything like Robin Hood.
    Thought the two were synonymous.
    Had such a crush on him…

  9. UncleKeith says:

    He looks rabid! You can tell it in his beadie little eyes. Yep, he’s up to no good.

  10. hisqueen1 says:

    did you get him—he would go well with my weasely coat–draped over my shoulder snarling at all who come near….very nice..

  11. B says:

    Crap, I would’ve run away screaming(i tend to do this alot in the face of danger)in case it bites .. heaven forbid if it chases me.. cos then my scream will hit new high’s..

    and you calmly took pics and even gave it a pet name??…you have balls of steel.. balls of steel..

  12. gullybogan says:

    We get foxes in the backyard in the night-time, but never in broad daylight. What a cheeky bugger!

  13. Emm says:

    Oh wow, I really, really, really want to get a photo of a fox one day and you managed it!! Well done!

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