Zombie Luuurve

So, I’ve officially been kissing Mr Noord for a year. 

I like kissing him.  He kisses gooood.  And this is just about the longest I’ve ever managed to kiss just one boy.  So that’s a bit of a milestone for me, not just ‘us’.  I think it’s largely because Mr Noord hides gives me my space when I’m raging against the darkness and doesn’t take my ranting personally.

I like that about him.  Lots. 

Amongst many, many other things.

Like the fact that he brings me tea in bed.  And he posts me flowers, even though he’s a curmudgeon.  And he writes me letters.  With an actual pen, and paper, and everything!

So, to comemorate this momentus occassion, I purchased a Zombie for my lover.  As you do.  Isn’t he pretty?  You should see his dog.

The Zombie’s, I mean.



Thanks for all the fishes, Meester.


Image taken by the luscious Noord himself

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30 thoughts on “Zombie Luuurve

  1. Sassy Miss P says:

    Oh yay. Many happy squishes. Even my calloused and cynical heart smiled at you two today. [Do hope he brings you more than just tea in bed though :mrgreen:]

  2. kyknoord says:

    Aaaaah schveetie, you’re the best :mrgreen: Who says finding gifts for boys is difficult?

  3. UncleKeith says:

    Zombies are nothing to kid around about, even for a demon. That kind of rhymes a little bit. I’m so scared of demons; I have to occasionally shoot my neighbors, if they shuffle their feet. It doesn’t make me popular in the building, but I always get the elevator.

    • UncleKeith says:

      I mean I’m so scared of zombies…well I’m scared of demons too. I’m babbling now aren’t I? That happens when I’m afraid of zombies and demons, and I try to type stuff.

  4. Oh, how cute! Of course you know I mean you and Kyk, that zombie is atrocious.

  5. hisqueen1 says:

    you two are just so cute….hopefully there are many happy days to come..
    I love you’re independence from each other with so much closeness still there..
    The zombie creeps me out but if it makes him happy…

  6. Tyger Katt says:

    “…even though he’s a curmudgeon…” I suspect the zombie is the only curmudgeon around these days.

    😀 Congrats, Dolcie.

  7. daisyfae says:

    i get it… I GET IT! He’s after tasty brains! THAT’S why you got him a zombie! While you’ve been gone, his manthing has withered, and now he only wants you for your brilliant mind and cutting wit!

    you guys are so cute! makes me wanna stop sacrificing kittens after every date….

  8. Pete says:

    Very cool – Congrats! (Am on to 8 months here so holding thumbs we make it to 1 year!) And cool Zombie by the way. Does the Zombie sing Umshini wam and vote ANC?

  9. egadfly says:

    Makes me very happy to see you as happy as you are with him. Happy onest year anniversary 🙂

  10. robinaltman says:

    That’s so sweet! Sniff. I think I’m going to cry. I hope my husband doesn’t read this post and develop zombie envy, and be all like “Hey! How come Kyknoord has a zombie, and I don’t?”

  11. beaverboosh says:

    Here is to a very long and happy kiss!

  12. Cluckhoff says:

    Dolce and Noord sitting in a tree
    K I S S I N G!

  13. Ramon says:

    Dolce. This is the best gift. In the Universe. Ever.
    My wife got me a huge Hellraiser figurine from the flea market the other day (just saying, you know? Keeping up with the Jonenses and all that).

    Anyway, how have you been, Dolce? I have to catch up with your writing here. And Morts’ stuff.

    • Dolce says:

      Hey Ramonaberrry!!!!! I miss you darling. Plotting a little round the world trip next year and your house is on the agenda – that cool? And I can’t compete with Hell Raiser…this was just a little Resident Evil dood – with a zombie dog as a companion, so that was pretty cool too. I’m ok Ramon. There’s not a lot to catch up on. I’m just trying to survive the real life tsunami at the mo. I’ll be back.

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