Just standing around.

Just standing around.

So, today the rest of my country went to the polls.  And I’ve been thinking about it all day.  When I went up to London last week to vote, right near SA House, I saw this statue.  Humanity etched into one side. And it resonated.

Today, it’s something I hope we remember:

...close up

...close up

Too much to ask of patriotism?  Too much to ask of humanity?

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30 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. daisyfae says:

    i remember going to bed on election night in november thinking i’d wake up to a harsh reality – that McCain-Pinhead would maintain the momentum to the center of the earth launched by Bush-Cheney. it was a happy morning instead… fingers crossed that somewhere in the future there’s a brighter future for SA. may not be tomorrow… but…

  2. My thoughts on patriotism… it can be a very dangerous psychological tool. And I believe in our SA context, it is used as such.
    We all feel some “tie” back to our “piece of land”, but at the biological/ pre-French Revolution end of it all… how ‘real’ is this feeling & the thoughts. Does our state manufacture our feelings towards SA to ensure they have the populace caring for its well-being. Which is not always a bad thing. …

    As for humanity. It’s there. It just often requires taking responsibility.

    Hope you’re still thoroughly enjoying London!

    • Dolce says:

      @ Champers > I was actually thinking the other day how odd this concept of borders is…so propriatory. If we’d had borders in the beginning, everyone would still be living in Africa, which is kinda ironic.

  3. gullybogan says:

    I’ve run that inscription through my brain quite a few times, now, and i’m pretty sure it’s from one of those online translator things. It really doesn’t seem to make any sense.

    So i ran it through an English to French translator, to see if that would improve it (they speak French in Belgium, oui?):

    Le patriotisme n’est pas assez. Je ne dois avoir aucune haine ou amertume pour n’importe qui.

    That sounds way better.

    I thought it might be even better to then translate it into German, and then back into English, but you wouldn’t BELIEVE how hard it is to find a working online translator that turns French into German!

    So i surrendered.

  4. egadfly says:

    Patriotism has been distorted to become the opposite of humanity in some cases.

    The correct response to patriotism is suspicion.

    The correct response to humanity is usually patience. Very occasionally a quick slap, but usually patience.

  5. kyknoord says:

    That’s a pretty tall order. We are talking about people after all (a long time ago, there were lots of them, I believe. However, that’s not all I’m trying to say). I reckon if you’re going to demand the impossible, you may as well include cool stuff like, “…we must be able to fly and turn invisible and shoot heat rays out our eyes…”

    • egadfly says:

      kyknoord: A tall order but not impossible. Ref my reply to silverstar98121 below.

      Love the strip, btw – though I bet you hear that from all the boys 🙂

      • Dolce says:

        @ Kyklove > but those are X men, and once again, humans don’t generally like them.

        @ Egad > he is rather good at stripping, isn’t he? 😈

  6. That last little quote made my stomach twist. I have always strived for living life exactly like that 🙂

    Failed many times, but at least I’m trying!

  7. Sassy Miss P says:

    Lovely sentiment. Pity 2/3 of our fellow country men don’t get it.

  8. Sassy Miss P says:

    Oh sorry. Was that a tad harsh?

  9. hisqueen1 says:

    it’s hard not to have hatred….we are bombarded with so much of it everyday. So many countries are struggling now..But I really don’t like when people blame Pres.Obama for the recession/depression?? this didn’t all happen since he was sworn in on Jan 19th. Hopefully SA will get a true leader who is there for the people and wants better for all…It’s so hard to find that person who is not there for just power and money. I hope President Obama is the one for us.
    I hope every day that things will get better but for now the reality of life is that my brother just got laid off and has turned in over 40 resumes with no responses. It’s horrible to see him trying so hard and nothing…Degrees and job experience mean nothing right now..

    • hisqueen1 says:

      sorry it was so long….
      I just wake up and try to find hope and laughter each day…(good thing you and Kyk are hear for entertainment)(and I would be negligent to not mention my Ohio sister–daisyfae)

  10. What I find interesting is that this statue was erected in 1915, right before WWI. I could wish that humanity had followed the precepts here, and we had avoided all the wars that have occurred since then. Thanks for posting this.

    • egadfly says:

      @ silverstar: Yes – though the statue wasn’t erected in 1915, that’s the date it was commemorating. Edith Cavell was executed in Belgium on 12 October 1915 by the German military for helping Allied soldiers escape occupied territory. The “patriotism is not enough” quote is hers, something she said on the night before her execution. So when war and fury were all around her, and she had been sentenced to be shot the next morning, she was saying “I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone”.

      • Dolce says:

        @ Silver > Short term memory loss….I don’t know. Humans are increasingly strange to me. I don’t understand.

        @ Egad > THANK YOU DARLING! I was far too lazy to post the story…and now you have for me. Brilliant. Incredible story, hey? I’d be scratching their eyes out and spitting in their eyes. *sigh*

  11. Pete says:

    Nice sentiments. *nods seriously* We could all do with a bit more humanity down here.

  12. couchtrip says:

    Voting was pretty anti-climactic really. In and out in 10 minutes and painless but also totally uneventful. I’m happy that the DA under Zille has a chance to run the provincial government but disappointed that Cope as the new opposition party only got 7% of the vote.

  13. michaelm says:

    Way too much to ask of humanity, sadly.
    Wonderful pictures though . . .

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