Falling in love with madness

Murmuring close to madness.  A glimpse into a world unseen.  Only heard.  The flash of fingers.  Hunched soul.  Joy released in the hammer and strings.  In the flourish of the notes.  And the rhythms of centuries. Liszt.  Mendelssohn. Chopin.  “A cascade of star dust”.  I wonder.  I wonder at this blurred life.  One on the cusp of ours.  But different.  Glowing with genius.  Alive with a visceral pleasure that pulls the whole being toward it.  Bumble bees and waltzes.  A critics praise; “a waterfall of notes”.  And I’m falling.  Falling in love with madness.

I had the priviledge of seeing David Helfgott perform last night.  He was wonderful.  Wonderful in a way that made me feel like I could also glow with my own kind of genius.

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15 thoughts on “Falling in love with madness

  1. daisyfae says:

    someday i hope to stand next to a piano and watch someone gifted play Mephisto Waltz… and i hope that gifted human is mad. Because i think you have to be to play it properly…

  2. robinaltman says:

    That was very touching and lovely, and made me want to go to a piano concert really badly. I fell in love with madness, and I think I married it.

  3. nursemyra says:

    Have you seen the movie “Shine”?

    • Dolce says:

      @ Nurse M > I have I have – which is exactly why I wanted to see him. Geoffery Rush played him so well. Incredible story.

  4. loafing boy says:

    Did you see the fineprint on the programme: Warning: Contains nuts?

  5. Seraphine says:

    i think one out of three people are mad. if the people on either side of you appear to be normal, it’s probably you.

  6. Cluckhoff says:

    You already glow with your own kind of genius.

  7. michaelm says:

    Simply amazing stuff.
    Helfgott is a total kook but a talented one at that.
    If only Rachmaninoff were alive to see him . . .

  8. Ramon says:

    Awesome blog, Dolce. Really well written.

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