Australian Kisses.

Some men really like cunnilingus.  Some just don’t.  This is a new discovery.   I used to think it was me.  That I just wasn’t one of those girls who liked a little tongue lashing.  But it has come to my attention that this is in fact not the case.  I am one of those girls.  I was just waiting for a boy who was a connoisseur.  A  specialist. A punani pundit.  A purveyor of pussy.  A man who likes it Australia style.  The old kiss on the lips down under.  Because the difference between a boy who goes down out of duty and one who’s thinking about you for dessert is very, very clear.

And these days, with all the hints and tips out there on the interwebs, there is very little reason for the old ‘I’m not sure I’m doing it right’ excuse.  That’s what experimenting is for. And trying again is fun.

And look.  I’m not one for doing anything of sexual nature that you don’t like.  But I know something.  I didn’t use to like playing the old meat flute.  Until I realised how much pleasure I could give someone.  Pleasure with a bit of power.  And I started to enjoy it.  And the more I enjoyed it, the more it turned me on.  So now I find myself rather delighted to delve down stairs.  In fact, yum.

So it stands to reason that the same goes for boys.  Once they realise how delicious it can all be, how a little lickage could make their girl crazy, surely there would be no stopping them?  Unless, of course, they’re sexually selfish.  And in that case, gals….

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39 thoughts on “Australian Kisses.

  1. daisyfae says:

    [grinning] giving and receiving sensual pleasure – whether with a tongue or a tamale – is quite literally a kick in the pants, ain’t it? hardest part for me is to relax and let someone else ‘entertain’ me… i feel guilty and selfish. oh, but i can be persuaded!

  2. twin says:

    Bravo!!!! (standing clapping loudly)

  3. So true! That’s what made me decide that The Boyo was a keeper, he went down without being asked. I hope this little tirade has nothing to do with the lovely Kyknoord.

  4. Vapour says:

    Ja Kyknoord, Kyksuid.

  5. linguist boy says:

    Who says paying lip service is a bad thing?

  6. The correct application makes all the difference…

    • Dolce says:

      @ Boing Boing > Aaah, but pity the boys; every girl’s buttons need a different kinda tweaking. That’s why The Girl with the One Track Mind calls it Aural Sex – the talking part can make all the difference too!

  7. hisqueen says:

    Hmmm…lets just say I love my hubby for much much more than just his Dr. title and money….

  8. Sassy Miss P says:

    Nothing like a good old tongue lashing to take the edge off the day … yes, indeed 🙂

  9. Del says:

    I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one that enjoys it – dessert indeed!

  10. gullybogan says:

    Feeling a little disappointed that we Australians – after all our many highly significant contributions to the arts and sciences – are mostly noted for being very south of every where.

    But, yes. It’s true. Melbourne is the world capital of men who enjoy conferring cunnilingus on our womenfolk.

    In fact, Melbourne’s International Airport takes its name – Tullamarine – from the local Wurundjeri word for ‘clitoris’.

    And why do you think Ugg boots are so popular here? It’s because our womenfolk walk around bare below the waist, on account of how they are constantly having their nethers expertly tongue-pashed by obliging Aussie blokes. So the Ugg boots help keep their legs warm.

    Plus, all that vaginal lubricant needs to get soaked up by something. Ugg boots are perfect for the task.

    So. Stop messing around with amateurs, ladies, and come to Melbourne; home of the deeply satisfying clitoral orgasm.

    • Dolce says:

      @ Bogan > I just lolled. And considering I’m working on a pubic (ahem…I mean PUBLIC) holiday, I needed a good lol. Do you know, I think I’m the only bird who ever went to Aus and didn’t get laid. I got drunk and took all my clothes off and ran around screaming on frequent occassions, but no one offered to take advantage of me. *sulk*

  11. cybercobwebs42 says:

    Meat flute?! Hahahaha! Oh, Lordy, please let it stop. Meat flute.

  12. cybercobwebs42 says:

    Damnit, Dolce. I’ve replied to this post about 7 times, but my comment doesn’t show. I bet you this one will.

  13. cybercobwebs42 says:

    Why is my fucken avatar such a strange little man? Oh, I see – Awaiting Moderation. You’re such a snob, Dolce 😉

    • Dolce says:

      @ Ja ja ja – not a snob, just an avoider of trollsssszzzz. You’re not a troll are you? Nah…you laughed at ‘meat flute’…trollssszzzz don’t laugh, they just bleat.

  14. beaverboosh says:

    Nothing could be finer, than a lick of her vagina in the… mooooorning,
    Nothing could be sweeter, than to spread her legs and eat her in the… mooooorning…

  15. michaelm says:

    You have to know where to lick, first.
    Everything comes quite naturally after that.
    There are some guys that need to learn this?
    Have them email me.
    Talk about frustration . . .
    My rates are quite reasonable. :mrgreen:

  16. blade says:

    lOl, great stuff

  17. seriously great one

  18. mzblaq says:

    Just writing a blog on how I like my australian kiss and I stumbled on this page.. “A puveyor of pussy”! Lol.. Girl,I love u already!

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