He reads to me.  His breath turned to words on my neck.  Warm.  Like milk.  And the soft light is a small world.  Just for us.  The words are stolen.  From a book I wouldn’t read.  But I don’t care what they mean.  The syllables a string of broken beads.  Bright.  Filled with the warm rumble of breath and syncopation.  Pebbles on a path.  And I sink, eyes heavy, with a slow pleasure.  Sink into a world.  Where nothing matters but the sound of his voice.  Against my neck.  This gift he gives me.  Reading me to sleep like a child.  The curve of a smile softening.  The wisp of hair he moves from my cheek.  A gift given with such open hands.  That all I can do is surrender. And whisper wordlessly, in the dark of sleep, “thank you.”

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17 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. cybercobwebs42 says:

    Stuuning post, Dolce.
    Thank you. I think I’ll phone my Dad today.

  2. loquacious boy says:

    I am reminded of chemistry lectures at universtity.

  3. Vapour says:

    I love the female perspective. Of course from his point of view, *ahem* the correct one…. “I was chatting her up getting her hort and then she passed out on me…” Are you well Dolcerina?

  4. Sassy Miss P says:

    Ah, lovely.

  5. nursemyra says:

    true love is SO sweet xx

  6. Seraphine says:

    i just realized! the milk! yes, warm milk before bed would make me sleepy too. so if half the world drank hot milk and read to the other half before bed, the whole worls would be sleeping. it sounds like a permanent cure for insomnia… brilliant dolce.

  7. twin says:

    lovely sweet dreams

  8. beaverboosh says:

    gosh, aren’t you too old to have your dad read to you in bed?

  9. Rox says:

    Aah, beautifully written as usual hun!

  10. Seraphine says:

    i tried pouring warm milk on my neck. it made the pillow wet and smelled funny.

  11. Oh! My! God! I think I have just fallen in love with your boyfriend. 🙂

  12. JHBPRINCESS says:

    Right… Seriously – what’s up with the non blogging?!

  13. Dolce says:

    @ all > Bad Dolce. No biscuit. Hi guys *sheepish grin*

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