The last couple of days in London have been wonderful.  I’m completely obsessed with the blossoms, and adventures with my friend have been suitably epic. 

Today?  Today I’m feeling a bit meh*.  But there you go.

In the spirit of a site I recently stumbled across,, I’ve decided to cheer myself up by reminding myself that  in fact life is rather nice on most days.  Despite the bruisedness and low level sadness.

So, here are some awesome things:



Actual sun.  In England!

Discovering the sculptures of Lorenzo Quinn at the Halcyon Gallery (while checking out an Exhibition of Bob Dylan sketches)


The oddness of London


New boots

My favourite sculpture near Trafalgar Square

Being reminded of the excellent silliness

*2 years today, since that first kiss.

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17 thoughts on “Awesomeness

  1. you may be feeling meh, you but from the looks of those boots, you should be feeling fierce.

    • Dolce says:

      It’s the laces. I feel like I need a whip and possibly some nipple clamps. But then again, maybe I just need to take some deep breaths

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  3. daisyfae says:

    i’m plotting a way to get to London before the end of the year. your photos have inspired me to crank up the heat on that little collaboration project… momma needs some cool shoes!

  4. beaverboosh says:

    Enjoy a sunny weekend in the big smoke!

  5. hisqueen says:

    boots, flowering trees and wedgies…who needs more than that to put a smile on your face..

  6. nursemyra says:

    I love Lorenzo’s sculptures – they are amazing! And for some reason I’ve started humming Wild Horses…..

  7. I was born in London but have lived in Australia for many years; more than two thirds of my life. I’m a bit envious of your trip even though I wouldn’t want to live there again. I’m especially fond of Trafalgar Square. And boots. 🙂

    • Dolce says:

      Agreed – couldn’t live here. I tried for about 4.5 years and just couldn’t do it. But for short spring time shoe shopping moments. Bring it on!

  8. Pete says:

    I’m so jealous of your being in London. Love the plug. And I can see why you would be loving the horses. Enjoy the sunshine. And the blossoms. And the boots too of course.

  9. DelBoy says:

    Whenever bloggers post pictures of London, my heart aches. But just for a visit. I couldn’t live there again.

    I hope all the awesomeness brings a smile back to your lips.

    PS: Aren’t those horses closer to Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square?

    • Dolce says:

      A little visit. I couldn’t live here either. Eish.

      And busted. YOu are indeed right. They are MUCH closer to the Circus. But my heart belongs to Trafalgar :mrgreen:

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