There’s an ache deep in my belly.  Like a bruise.  A reminder.  And I carry it like a child.  Hand over the place where it lives.  The spreading purple seeping into the meat of me.  Tendrils creeping out to wrap around my heart, my breath, my eyes.  Until it’s all tinted with shadow and the sky disappears.  And the colour of you is only a memory.


11 thoughts on “Bruised

  1. daisyfae says:

    i’d send an ice pack if i thought it would help….

  2. *pout*
    Shall I send vodka or wine?

  3. hisqueen says:

    hot shower/bubble bath, a bit of wine, comfy pjs, xanax and a warm bed for 24 hours should help that..not fix it but maybe make it more tolerable for a few days. in the mean time..internet ((hugs)) if you’d like

  4. nursemyra says:

    Come to Greece. Or France. Take your pick, I’ll cheer you up darlin’

  5. Metaphysical bruises are hard to heal, they take time. Take time for yourself.

  6. iamyourgod says:

    Ah, my beloved, fill the cup that clears
    Today of past regrets and future fears;

    Omar Kayam

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