Of feuds and photographs

Little known fact*.  There is a street art war going on in London. Two prominent graffiti artists have literally been waging a battle of wit and (war)paint.

Banksy rose to fame as an anonymous artist who left heavy social commentary tagged on London’s walls.  He lost a bit of his ‘street kid with talent’ when he was unmasked as being more of middle class geezer with time on his hands.  King Robbo has been around since the 80s and has a hard core following of graffitists and street artists.

According to the Guardian, “the graffiti war was sparked before Christmas when an urban artist, thought to be Banksy, painted over a 25-year-old mural by King Robbo.”  Robbo’s crew retaliated and before you could say pass the spray paint, it was handbags at dawn.

A lot of the ‘respray’ is funny, clever, naaasty.  But mostly I just imagine little boys drawing over each other’s colouring in books.  Although there is also something I like about the intransience of art.

Why the ramble?  Just an excuse to post some more London photos.

see the orginal here…but I have to admit, I’m partial to the team Robbo answer…

Naassty 🙂  I like.

*Well, little known to everyone not in London.  Or a graffitti artist.   Read more on Banksy and Robbo here, here, here and here.

and then the other random ones.  Please note the stormtrooper running the London Marathon…

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22 thoughts on “Of feuds and photographs

  1. ❤ London.
    Over here, the artists would be arrested instead of allowing for public interest.

    And I wonder, just what, foxes know.

  2. […] Original post: Of feuds and photographs « La Dolce Vita […]

  3. kyknoord says:

    I wonder if the stormtrooper found the droids he was looking for?

  4. Rob says:

    Banksy is currently on a Canadian tour in support of his film. He recently left several pieces of street art in Toronto, much to the chagrin of city officials. I like the “middle class geezer with time on his hands” bit. That could be me, except for the “time on hands” part.

    • Dolce says:

      Yeah, I think leavin’ your ‘artistic expression’ on the side of the road is usually frowned apon. Or at least my dog thinks so.

  5. daisyfae says:

    why do i hear ‘dueling banjos’? oh, wait… i live in a trailer park. never mind…

  6. nursemyra says:

    love your glimpse into London life

  7. Pete says:

    Love the photos. Favourite is the blossoms and wheel one. And the graffiti is interesting too. I’m sure graffiti artists would hate to have their work described as interesting though!

    • Dolce says:

      I also liked that one. The light that evening was incredible – made everything seem black and white and shades of grey. But in a good way.

  8. Banksy was here in New York City promoting the recent documentary about him. (Have you seen it?) The local graffiti “artists” were in a rage because of the attention he’s getting.

    I put the word artists in quotes because I don’t consider graffiti art. 95% is insufferably bad. In my mind, it’s vandalism. I remember when the subways were COATED with graffiti. It’s an ugly, desperate thing to do.

    • Dolce says:

      I haven’t seen it, but I think I should. And I’d be in a rage too, if some oke was ‘selling out’ man. But then again, I like the idea of subverting the subversive by mainstreaming it. Or at least that’s what I tell myself from my little cubicle.

  9. Zephilla says:

    I like your musings. Isn’t the spat a little too well-played though. Graffiti pr?

  10. London and street art! Two things that always rouse my interest. I love the chandelier. Some of the things people put up I wouldn’t even call graffiti – guerilla art strikes me as more appropriate. I wish they would respect eachothers work though. Perhaps it IS orchestrated – I wouldn’t be suprised.

  11. Flutter says:

    Cool pics. An intellectual graffiti war! Who knew?
    Anyone know who these Bansky and Robbo characters really are?

  12. Yes, I did see Basquiat and yes, it was very sad. David Bowie’s turn as Andy Warhol was brilliant!

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