I got them stone cold rolling, mind numbing, painful, stinkin’ blues

I feel like a country and western song.  My love is gone.  My friend and her babies are returning to the UK.  And my dog died.

The first bit is complicated beyond reason.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my godbabies (one official, one claimed).  Who knows when I’ll see them again?

And today my dad rang to say Kayla has been put down.  Kayla.  Of the soft nose and extreme gentleness.  Of the sweet nature and graceful gait.  She liked to slide her elegant snout onto your lap, so soft you’d barely notice she was there until you found yourself idly stroking her.  Cunning dog.  She’d let strangers into the house, but not out.  See?  Cunning!  Whose one vice was likin’ a good old ear scratch.  Preferably with your finger right in her ear hole.  Something only my dad had the stomach to do.  She was fifteen.  Old for a dog.  Ancient for a Doberman.  But she was some damn dog.


I’m over loss, ok?  Universe?  Can we stop now?


18 thoughts on “I got them stone cold rolling, mind numbing, painful, stinkin’ blues

  1. daisyfae says:

    aw, shit. not the dog… sorry things are just piling on… see you soon.

  2. queenwilly says:

    So sorry about Kayla. She sounds just beautiful. And cunning. And lucky to have had such love (and someone willing to put their finger down her ear hole).

    • Dolce says:

      Hey Queenwills…my poor daddles. He’s lost his horse and his dog this year. He’s taking it hard. Wish I could do more for him. But he ain’t that kinda guy. Sad.

  3. robinaltman says:

    That sucks. I’ll talk to the universe for you. Blot it out of your mind and think about the groovy trip coming up! Buy stuff in your mind! I’m going to pretend I’m you and buy a really cool pair of shoes in my mind. There! That was fun! Try it!

  4. Pete says:

    Hi Dolce, really sorry to hear about Kayla. Fifteen is pretty good in dog years but it’s never the right time to say goodbye.

  5. nursemyra says:

    so sorry about your dog companion – it hurts doesn’t it? Sending you virtual hugs and hope to be giving you real ones on June 19 xx

  6. Flutter says:

    Eish. Sorry about your dog Dolce. She sounds wonderful. **HUG**
    At least you have a fab holiday to look forward to.

    • Dolce says:

      She was awesome. So dainty for a big dog. We’d call her lady Kayla because she was so elegant. Compared to Seamus the shark nosed boy, who galloomphs about like a bull in a china shop.


  7. ***hugs***

    Sorry to hear about the puppy (and they’re all puppies).

  8. mepsipax says:

    That sucks….my gf has an old dog. Not looking forward to that.

  9. michaelm says:


    Sounds like you need some Stevie Ray Vaughn tunes cranking on the stereo.
    Hit up YouTube for some awesome Texas blues.
    I’m a bit late commenting on this but since you mentioned C&W . . .

    Q: What do you get when you play a country song backwards?
    A: You get your car back, your man back, your dog back, your house back . . .

    Trying for a smile but I’ll take a smirk. :mrgreen:
    Hope you’re okay.


  10. I’m a bit late too, but sorry you’re having a shower of sorrows…horrid when that happens. I’m sure seeing Daisy Fae and Nurse Myra will help. 🙂

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