A blue wish

Floating in the blue.  Sun dazzle and salt sting.  The soothing crush of waves on sand, muted.  Small fish.  A wind surfer.  The fat waddle of a satisfied gull.  Blue bliss.  The suck and pull a lullaby.  An invitation to forget. A baptism, of sorts.  A wish, more like.  A soft blue wish of forgetting, just for a moment, as the sun burns through my eyelids like a kiss.

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19 thoughts on “A blue wish

  1. You’ve forgotten to mention the clouds …….. just sayin’ …….

    [We’ve sailed in Turkey and went to Greece once – the clarity of the water was astounding. We both feel very drawn to Greece …….]

    • Dolce says:

      Aaah DP, the clouds. The huge roiling piles of cumulonimbus that gathered in the afternoon, piercingly white against impossible blue. How could I forget the clouds?

      I’m with you on the draw. I could go back in a heartbeat.

  2. hisqueen says:

    in all the hustle and bustle of Damascus Syria..I felt at peace sitting with my hubby and brother in law in a little cafe drinking coffee and smoking hookah’s (arabic equivalent of cigarettes)..in a foreign country with out understanding a word of Arabic it was more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of the US.
    glad you had peace and enjoyment with friends in the turmoil of hard times.

    • Dolce says:

      HQ it was delicious. Although the post Holland / Uruguay match hangover has dug into my post holiday chilledness, so it won’t be long before I’m a screaming wreck of a woman again….and it’s time for another holiday 🙂

  3. kyknoord says:

    Forgetting is freedom
    There is only now

  4. nursemyra says:

    ah those clouds….

  5. daisyfae says:

    do-overs, okay?

  6. thegnukid says:

    …and the wind whispers a release from the memories that bind.

  7. twin says:

    frigid cold or bathwater warm….isn’t she loverly.

  8. I must be a nutter, too. I got my first computer as a bat mitzvah gift from my grandparents, and the internet was the best thing that ever happened to me. At age 13 in 1993, I was on the verge of a lifelong love affair with Elton John. Which made me horribly uncool. Or I was already uncool, and that completely ended anyone’s doubts. But the internet, oh boy. There I could connect with other Elton John fans all over the world. And suddenly I’d found my niche.

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