A winter weekend

Five things.

One long dog schnoz.  Pressed against my belly.  Brown eyes just saying ‘howzit’ in dogspeak.  Nothing else required or needed or expected.  Jus a warm schnoz and a patting hand.

My step sister sticking up for me.  Unexpected.  Flaring at my father for one of his careless, unmeant comments.  Those throw-away statements that sting despite a lifetime of learning not to take them seriously.  My raging little sister, red faced, fat tears popping from her eyes, demanding he take it back.  And him, bewildered, looking to me.  And apologising in his way.

Homemade oxtail.  Rich and warm with wine and coriander seeds.  Washed down with beer.  A galaxy of winter stars turning to frost outside in the black sky.  The call of a night jar.   The hot snap of fire and falling ash in the grate, another log offered to the flame.

A gang of ponies.  Pressed up and scruffy in their winter coats.  Huffing warm breath and whiskery noses into my hands.  Dish faces inquisitive, searching for carrots. Leaning into me, smelling of winter sun and the stables.

A walk on the mountain.  The loamy wet drip drip of the forest layered with the sharp citrus honey tang of fynbos and a distant hint of woodsmoke.  Shiny silvertree leaves and spiders’ webs hung with mist.  The rush of secret rivers and a glimpse of perfect winter sky.

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30 thoughts on “A winter weekend

  1. tNb says:

    Such a beautiful post (except for the inconsiderate fatherly comment) …. you have me yearning for cozy winters in front of the fire. Instead we’re getting ready for the blazing hot, Sahara winds due next week. It’s possible I will melt into my keyboard …

  2. kyknoord says:

    “…another log offered to the flame…”
    So you had curry as well?

  3. nursemyra says:

    apart from the cold weather thing and the mean comment… it sounds almost as good as Greece

  4. My rolly-polly Italian momma use to put oxtail in her homemade sauce. Oh, Lord, was there ever anything better on my plate? Anywhere? No.

  5. daisyfae says:

    i was right along for the warm and cozy ride… until there were spiderwebs. i’m such a wuss… sounds like a nice recovery weekend, though. despite the bugs.

    • Dolce says:

      Whahahahahaha 😀 I forgot you don’t like things with extra eyes and legs. Don’t worry – there was no spider, just an empty web.

  6. lulu labonne says:

    I loved that post xxx

  7. Mmm. Oxtail soup. Loving dog eyes. I have a pair of those in this house too. Nothing better, no better antidote to bad fatherly comments than unconditional dog love.

  8. Seraphine says:

    it wasn’t just my father, our whole family made little demeaning remarks to each other. mostly, it made us feel worthless. my dad felt worthless too; maybe that is what he grew up believing too.
    as to the rest, i love the loving way you interact with everything around you. the horses, even the spiderwebs, are little miracles the way you present them.
    a warm schnoz beats winter cold anytime.

    • Dolce says:

      Thanks Sera. De cycle of demeanness. I’m being facetious, but I wonder why we’re so mean to each other. Especially family.

      And a secret: I actively try to find beauty in small things. It’s amazing how quickly you can spot LOTS.

  9. queenwilly says:

    The warm doggy schnoz pressed hard into my shoulder. Topped by dark liquid eyes. Curled up on the winter couch reading rendezvous with rama for the first time in 10 years. With a bag of english licorice toffees near us on the couch. Waiting for the king to come home.

    Over my mum and dad disappointment.* Therapy for 10 years. Best $50,000 I ever spent.

    *Who am I kidding.

  10. Flutter says:

    Mmhhh…. sounds absolutely heavenly! Ponies. Doggies. Oxtail. Beer. Fires. Jealous!

    And family will always surprise you. It’s seldom a good surprise so congrats! It’s all about the small victories.

  11. thegnukid says:

    i can make puppy dog eyes… blue, though, not brown… can’t make oxtail soup. must learn. do enjoy a cool morning walk, as long as there’s hot cocoa…or hot something…at the end.

  12. these are a few of my favorite things.

  13. Artswebshow says:

    mm homemade oxtail sounds good

  14. c1nnam0n says:

    This is very, very lovely

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