New York state of mind

I’m standing on Lexington Avenue.  The road curves into the horizon, skyscrapers on either side, drawing a line straight into the sky. Like a modern yellow brick road.  The city stuffed with a million wizards, pulling the levers of success.  I’m in love.  With the crowded, sexy chaos.  The steaming street vents. The assault of odours; bagels and pizza competing with garbage and hot tarmac.  Chrome and steel fighting for sky space with art deco mouldings and gorgeous lines of stone and marble.  The babble of a thousand accents, languages, voices.  The irony of strident street tones folded into muted boardroom dealings.  I’m awestruck.  I walk in to things, my eyes too often drawn upward, to the spires of our new religion; commerce, greed, power.  I watch beautiful women click their way up Maddison, talking on cell phones, smaller and smaller dogs in tow.  I listen to the street vendors, plying their trade and talking politics.  I watch old couples sit on benches, wrinkled hands enfolded, and I wonder if they’ve lived here all their lives.  The city is more than landscape.  It is flesh and bone.  Breathing smoke and fire.  And I want to burn.

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20 thoughts on “New York state of mind

  1. daisyfae says:

    you’ll just have to come back again. and again. and again and again and againandagainandagain! until you live there, and i can stay over on your sofa in your mouse-house sized apartment and we can giggle and paint our toenails until nursemyra finally falls asleep and we can stuff her knickers in the freezer…

    • I’m now wondering why Nursey’s kernickers need stuffing in the freezer ….. *mind starts boggling*

      OK, back to the point ….. Dolce – beautifully written but I’m still not tempted by large cities – could have something to do with being born in London and working, for a short while, right in the heart of the city ….. it scrambles what’s left of my brain nowadays and as for the beautiful women clicking …… oh dear *feels faint already*

      • Dolce says:

        @ Dais…how about next week?

        @ DP…strangely enough, I’m a small town girl at heart. But there is something so beautifully rich and wild about NYC, I can’t resist it.

  2. nursemyra says:

    oh god how I wish I were there with you. And surely you know by now I hardly ever wear knickers…..

  3. kyknoord says:

    I walk into things too. I wish I had an excuse.

  4. Absolutely beautiful writing. Somehow you caught the wonder and joy of the big city and put it into almost poetical imagery. I found myself wanting to stand on a street corner of a metropolis, which tells me something about the power of your wordsmithing. Like Daddy papersurfer, I have lived in a big city and worked there and ultimately I found it wasn’t really to my liking. But when I read that paragraph, I suddenly remember all the good things about it.

    enjoy your trip. . .

    • Dolce says:

      You are most kind, thank you. I’ve been hoping for a little inspiration, and NYC was just the ticket. 🙂 Mind you, I could happily wax lyrical in your garden too!

  5. kono says:

    If you head west stop in Pittsburgh, i’ll buy you a drink and you’ll be the first to actually meet El Kono in person. That alone should be worth the trip… probably not but it’s a gorgeous city.

    • Dolce says:

      NOW you tell me, Kono-san! I wish, I wish, I wish. But sadly, it’s a little Calilfornication for me and then homeward to the Southern tip of Africa again. Next time…

  6. robinaltman says:

    That was so beautifully written! It made me feel so nostalgic about NY that I don’t even resent having to shlep there next weekend for my mother-in-law’s birthday that actually occurred in July.

  7. Everyone is right on the money. That was a beautiful piece. And my feelings, exactly! This place never gets old. And how about that Empire State Building? Have you ever seen anything like it?

  8. twin says:

    when are you coming to the west coast? more specifically….the pnw? (i know a saffa that absolutely sparkles when he gets face time with home folk.) hee!

  9. Dolce says:

    I’ve just realised that photo I stole for this post must be very, very old. Pre 2001 at least. Still, understandably, such a mark on the city.

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