Notes from the city

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I bought a Moleskine a while back.  Pretentious little git that I am.  Journos and writers carry them.  And artists.  Apparently Hemmingway couldn’t live without his.  So I bought one.  You know.  So I could get all Hemmingway-esque and sit drunkenly in pubs and note profound thoughts in my moleskine notebook for all too see.  Maybe with deeply meaningful doodles.

Pub person:  “Oh look at her.  A moleskine.  She must be a serious writer.  Aye.  Serious”

Me:  *nods sagely and ponders infinite*

Well, not so much.

Herewith some notes from NYC.   Every single one thoughtfully scribbled at the time.  Now, just a litany of the mundane.  Which, of course, I now feel I must share with you.  For the added shame.

Men in black flying saucers

No capitals might lead you to believe that men were flying saucers of a black colour around NYC.  But no!  I was driving past the park from the scene from Men In Black where the alien flies a flying saucer into a large metal sculpture of the globe.  And felt compelled to note it.  In my Moleskine.

Post-it note bums and boobs

Nope, not post-it notes made from bums and boobs.  But rather the irony of a news agent in the subway selling every skin rag under the sun, but covering the saucy bits up with faded post-it notes.

Vanilla sky moment

Staring down a street and losing the perspective of the sidewalk for a moment.  A flash of post-apocalyptic city.  Odd.

“I am the Stig”

Slogan on a t-shirt.  Worn by a man clearly not the Stig.  Had to smother an unflattering giggle.

Warhol – of course.

Because there he was, in the Met, where an America artistic icon should be.  Well, not him really.  His art.  See, I told you this stuff was profound!

Brooklyn Lager FTW

A rather delicious ale.  But you’d think I could manage something more elucidating than FTW.

And my all time favourite….

Georgia O’Keef; such nice vaginas

I think I’ll leave that one unexplained.  Those who’ve seen a Georgia O’Keef might understand.  Or think I’m one Rorschach test away from disaster.


My literary future is somewhat uncertain.  May have to rethink this Moleskine malarky.

On the plus side, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the inimitable Unbearable Banishment.  I had a sneaking suspicion he’d reveal some good New York to me, since so much of his blog is such a beautiful ode to the city. And I wasn’t wrong.

Drinking wine in plastic glasses at a rooftop bar, overlooking the glorious Empire State Building and howling with laughter at the world was good for the soul.  Thanks, UB, for sharing your city with me.  And for explaining the temporal nuances of that damned flashing red hand.  Whadda a guy (in Noo Yawk accent).  Smart, funny and utterly gorgeous.  No wonder Mrs. Wife keeps him tucked away in New Jersey!

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22 thoughts on “Notes from the city

  1. The pleasure was all mine! Thanks for taking the trouble to look me up. I need only the *slightest* provocation to tip a few in the city. We lucked out that the weather cooperated and allowed us to hit one of the many rooftops bars. Another two weeks and they’ll all be boarded up for the season. C’mon back anytime. I’ll leave a porch light on.

  2. Ah – that makes perfect sense now – Rorschach tests are actually front bottom prints! …. my goodness that Moleskine works well …..

  3. nursemyra says:

    A night out in NYC with UB is on my bucket list

  4. lamourdemere says:

    Darlin’, I think your literary career is anything but uncertain. And despite (gasp!) never having heard of one or really knowing what it is, I now want a Moleskin too. Just because..

  5. daisyfae says:

    i’m uncool regarding the writing. i send e-mails to myself, with far more mundane ‘notes to myself’. you, however, managed to turn it all into a lovely and unique post about your time in the city.

    as for UB, i believe you get to say “FIRST!” regarding his blogger meetups! sounds lovely, and like nursemyra, he’s drinks with UB in NYC is on my bucket list as well…

  6. Zephilla says:

    Oh hun, I loved those scribblings of yours. It was what you felt right at that moment.

  7. robinaltman says:

    I was walking through a bookstore with a friend, and she gasped when I didn’t know a moleskin from an ottertail. I’m going to call her immediately and tell her she’s pretentious. That’s how I keep all my friends…

    • Dolce says:

      I don’t think otters like people writing on their tails much. Mind you, I’m not sure I want to talk to that community of skineless moles either!

  8. kyknoord says:

    I’m waiting until they start making Badgerskines.

  9. Ms. Dolce, next time trek a few hours north to Boston.

    And I’ll one-up Unbearable Banishment and leave *two* porch lights on for you.

    • Dolce says:

      You’re on, AWC! I’ve always wanted to visit Boston and hear that incredible twang. I’ll play wingwoman for you, and you can find me a fireman!

  10. twin says:

    i would buy moleskines…even though i KNEW i wasn’t going to be the next great american lit writer. i ended up using them to log all of my workouts. ugly reading…

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