Plastic fantastic

Not really sure how to sum up LA, except to say it was everything I expected and more.  From Thai Elvis, to Rodeo Drive and the crazy, Howard Hughes 50’sness of it all.

Apart from the work bits, which went surprisingly well, I was also treated to a day of full on LA tourist-y heaven.  Rock on Z and S – you could have an alternative career!

This was the day:

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10 thoughts on “Plastic fantastic

  1. All these exotic locals eagerly await your return. And people DO immigrate here, you know…

  2. nursemyra says:

    Those metal trees look amazing

  3. Pete says:

    Wow, Dolce. Sounds like an amazing trip. Beer, baseball, thai food, kermit the frog etc. Am super jealous. I don’t think Darfur even has hot dogs!

  4. amanda says:

    I love and hate California. This was a perfect visit for this west coast girl living on the east coast.

  5. daisyfae says:

    Yay! Glad you got to venice beach – one of my favorite places to people watch! and Sam’s Punkin Ale is one of the best things about autumn in the US. next to Halloween, of course!

  6. queenwilly says:

    yay, I love Kermit too!!! But I had my photo taken next to James Mason’s star in LA. yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

  7. thegnukid says:

    all in one day? very cool. here in the midwest hinterlands, it takes us all day to get from one place to the other (okay, not quite true… there’s lots to do here). glad you enjoyed. come back again. thisaway, if ya can.

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