I’m back in Blighty again.  Which is rather fab.  But!  It was 4 degrees today.  Not so much fab. *brr*. On the bright side, the trees are gloriously red and brown and golden.  And I got to ride on this train. With the godbabies.  Happiness.




18 thoughts on “Blighty

  1. daisyfae says:

    the trees – GLORIOUS! this is why i shall never be happy in a more temperate climate permanently. be happy, adventurous lady!

  2. nursemyra says:

    Ah… so that’s why you’ve been so quiet. I miss you 😦

  3. lulu labonne says:

    Blimey – you get around, have a lovely time scuffing leaves xxxx

  4. Blighty is in the UK? Right? I tried to Google map it and all I came up with was Australia. And I *know* you’re not there!

  5. kono says:

    As in “take me back to dear old Blighty”? Those trees look like my neck of the woods though i’m sure that other places look like where i live, enjoy the grandbabies and the train, me and my little hooligans raked up leaves and jumped in them on Sunday, good times.

  6. thegnukid says:

    deported again? tsk, tsk, tsk…

  7. twin says:

    fall colors….gorgeous! i love my hikes this time of year….

  8. That train looks like a lot of fun! The fall colors are beautiful too. I’m pretty sure Australia is in spring mode right now, so Blighty must be Britain.

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