Get your Nosh on

It’s not often something sneaks into your heart.  Or someone.  Noah has.  Noah is a cute curly-haired kid I know in Cape Town who is incredible and irresistible.  And who is also on the autism spectrum.

His folks are battling.  And that means they can’t afford the therapy Noah desperately needs at this stage if he has a chance of mainstreaming. And so some mates are trying to help out.  Organizing a campaign called Nosh4Noah. A small thing, asking people to get together over food and raise whatever they can for one small boy. 

So far, events are happing in London, Melbourne and Cape Town.  The response has been incredible.  And watching it all, I’ve been to touched by the loveliness of people.

Fancy getting your nosh on for Noah?  Find out more here. I’m going to be playing poker on Friday night in London, and am plotting a couple of events for Cape Town. 

Here’s a snippet from the Nosh4Noah website:

This is Noah. He is three and he can write and count. He has been able to put the alphabet in order since he was two. He can sort shapes and colours, name animals, body parts and really likes to spell words with blocks. LOVE was one of the first words he spelt.  He is extraordinary.

I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But I thought I’d spread the word.  He’s one helluva kid.

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11 thoughts on “Get your Nosh on

  1. daisyfae says:

    he’s beautiful. i didn’t have the alphabet thing down until i was about 10. brilliant, he is. and are his folks, as they seem to have put up a paypal button on the nosh4noah blog site!

    • Dolce says:

      Aaah, the brilliance was actually the third in the trio organising this – the numbers lady – she organised us a PayPal button 🙂

      How cool that over 100 hours therapy has already been raised for Noah?

  2. nursemyra says:

    I don’t have a paypal account but I think queenwilly has. we’ll donate something tonight at mah jongg

  3. kono says:

    My nephew, my sister’s son, is autistic, i know the struggle well and have donated to AutismSpeaks here in the states, they are brilliant kids and it blows my mind that we seem to just shuffle them along when some of these kids are so smart they could cure cancer and build space stations on Mars, i wake up every day and thank my lucky stars i’m not dealing with things like this, here’s to his parents and Noah.

    • Dolce says:

      Noah could definitely change the world. And I hate that he has to ‘mainstream’ to do it. Why can’t *we* adapt to *him*? Amazing children.

  4. robinaltman says:

    Pay Pal button? Sheer genius! I’m on a diet, though. I’ll donate over a Diet Coke and celery sticks. Ew.

  5. thegnukid says:

    what a cute kid. i’ve raised a celebratory chili dog and cheese in his honor. and, of course….

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