“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – E.E. Cummings

I’m a bit of a secrete hippy. I like incense. I talk to my plants. I believe in the quid pro quo of it all. I also believe that the universe sends you the people you need. The ones who’ll lift you up or kick your arse or teach you just the right lesson at just the right time. If you’re paying attention.

And so this is a little nod to my teachers. The people who’ve lurked or relurked back into my life at just the right moment. Who have given me the space (and weirdly, the permission) to grieve. To rant. To cry. Who’ve called me on the strange shit that pours out my subconscious. Who’ve reminded me that we all struggle with pain and disappointment and regret. And who teach me that the choosing to move forward bit is often the hardest bit of a decision.

I’m a lucky girl.

14 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. And if you find yourself in a tough spot with no teachers handy to help you struggle with the pain and disappointment, remember that a few big fat bong hits never hurt anyone.

  2. nursemyra says:

    Wish I could be there to hug you darlin’ When you’re feeling blue just look at the photos of you, me and daisyfae in Greece. They always cheer me up. And treat yourself to a pedicure. Post pictures of your spectacular cleavage on the internet occasionally. Might not help with your blues, but it’ll certainly perk up the boys’

    love you lots and lots, your devoted nursie xxx

  3. Sam Wilson says:

    I find standing in the sore place is one of our most important 30-something lessons.

    Not walling it up, or laughing over it… but standing IN it, feeling the feelings you need to feel.

    And that’s why I am seriously proud of where you are standing now.

  4. kono says:

    I’ve dined at the at the buffet of pain and disappointment, regret? i’m not big on that, i guess i’ve tasted it, i would say i’ve learned more from cleavage than i have books and moving forward is good but sometimes i like to go back or maybe even sideways, depends on which way the train is coming… you are a lucky girl.

  5. Rob says:

    In spite of all the structures we’ve constructed to keep ourselves caged up, isn’t it amazing to know that thing that matters most in our world is basic human to human relation? True even in the virtual world.

    Like the tone of this post Dolce. Salut!

    • Dolce says:

      It interests me too, this failing about trying to be an individual, when all we really want is a (pile of cash and a car)…*ahem*…is community, a sense of connection, something that makes us bigger than ourselves.

      Old Johnnie Dunn said ‘no man is an island’, but i like the African version…Ubutu. Which basically means, I am because we are. The concept that we are only truely ourselves in the context of other people.

      And trying to find a little levity. There is still a lot of darkness to work through. I’ll also post a bunch of stuff that I wrote a while ago, which was true of then, but not necessarily of now.

  6. tysdaddy says:

    Timely reminder. Thank you …

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