A week in Lisbon

Cobblestones and Fado.  Lisbon streets filled with washing lines and graffiti.  Old men wreathed in cigarette smoke.  The grey light of winter’s end.  I walk the twisted lanes, sent out to fetch something inconsequential, and listen to women gossip.  The universal language of hands and faces.  And laughter.  Clear as mother tongue.  I wonder where they live.  What bright faces open to their arrival?  Who greets them when they open doors and drop shopping for hugs and dinner?  What conversations frame a cheerful day?  I walk.  Watching raindrops cling to unbudded trees.  And I think about the sad songs of the gypsy.  And how lonely footsteps sound.


25 thoughts on “A week in Lisbon

  1. Very nice work, my dear. You have quite an eye for composition, as well as a way with the word. Bravo.

  2. dinahmow says:

    Beautiful. And funny.

  3. kono says:

    Gorgeous on a number of levels.

  4. nursemyra says:

    Hot damn! I wish I’d been there with you 😦

    I hope you bought the Ken doll with the orange package.

  5. robinaltman says:

    Beautiful! (And the pictures are, too.)

  6. daisyfae says:

    graffiti and cobblestones and knickers and fragments and nom nom nom…. nice collage. bittersweet words, dear. sending a hug or two…

  7. Rob says:

    Looks like a nice break from win….oh, wait. It’s summer in your part of the world, isn’t it. Well, as the saying goes, “A change is better than a rest.”

  8. twin says:

    volumes spoken in those photos….

  9. Pete says:

    Wow. Lisbon. (You do get around.) I was just thinking that I’ve never seen Portugues nickers before and then I saw the ex-pile. That’s very funny. So have you met any Ronaldo-types yet? And I’m guessing this is pleasure rather than business?

  10. lulu labonne says:

    Lucky girl, I’ve been wanting to go to Lisbon for ever, great pix too xx

  11. Corina Rocha says:

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  12. tNb says:

    Finally found a few hours to catch up on my favourite blogs, I adore your description of Lisboa — hope your feet survived the miles and miles of cobblestones! 🙂

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