There are things that please me.  Mostly little things.  (But the little things are the best things).  Things that make me grin for days after I’ve discovered them.  Or things that I watch for every day, just to catch that moment of small glee, where my eyes light up and I blaze with silliness.

I’ve had a theory for years, that small delights are everywhere.  That the swiftest way to feeling jaded is to stop looking for the little joys.  During the deep sad of last year, I found it really difficult to connect to the joy, but the habit of looking for moments didn’t go.  It was an unexpected comfort.

Because delight is delicious.  And more-ish.  And one’s day can literally fill with delight, if you know where to look, and you’re not afraid to gasp and clap your hands at its appearance.

So, for you, I share my recent crop of moments*:

Tim Minchin, doing the musical equivalent of patting his head and rubbing his tummy at the same time (I’ve got a man-sized crush on Minchin)

The unwashed hippies of the Burning Man festival, performing Dr Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” (The text of this got me through last year.  For it is very true: “Unslumping yourself is not easily done”.)

The muppets, my all time favourite beasties, sing Flanders and Swann, my all time favourite musical comedians.

(Yes, Gnu, I *do* always think of you!)

And last but not least, my every-day delight.  My parked car is shaded by a Frangipani tree.  Every night, buckets of frangipani flowers fall and settle on my car.  Which means every day I start my drive to work trailing fragrant exotic flowers in my wake.  It makes me feel like some kind of fairy goddess.  And that pleases me.  Enormously.

*My apologies to those of you who indulge in mutual stalkage via other channels.  You’ll have seen some of this.

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20 thoughts on “Delight

  1. nursemyra says:

    Remember the honeyed smell of mimosa on our balcony in Skala Eressos?

  2. Healingmagichands says:

    Delight is everywhere, especially small ones. The crisp tangy sweet of a plum splurting into your mouth when you bite into it, bees rolling drunk in the poppy flowers, a ring around the moon, watching the International Space Station transit at dusk and thinking about the people up there… I never get to trail flowers behind me when I drive! You are so lucky.

  3. kono says:

    That video has proved without a doubt that Burning Man is one of the most annoying places on the planet, then again i am a misanthrope, but i detest the bastardization of anything Seuss, Theodore Geisel was a genius unmatched and i’ve been reading his books my whole life and i must admit that i read Oh, The Places You’ll Go much better than those hippie kids, the I-mac will attest to that, i’ll send you a tape to prove it, maybe even get the I-mac to chime Boom Bands like he did when he was a wee little lad…

    • Dolce says:

      Theodore Geisel is my hero and my muse. The man is a genius. And don’t knock the hippies, Kono. They got me through the blues. Even if they’re shite (which, sadly, they are).

      Tape? Yes please. And I yell boom bands too. And slump, when there is slumping. And I always shout…98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed! Very loudly. So the universe hears me. And pays ATTENTION!

  4. kono says:

    but speaking of delight there is a fat groundhog who lives behind my house and every time i see him he makes me grin like an idiot as he sits on his haunches and munches grass…

  5. daisyfae says:

    when i added horseback riding lessons to my weekly schedule, i picked monday evening just because that’s when the stable had no other lessons underway. now? i look forward to monday. this has NEVER happened in my entire adult life, but adding horsies to my monday has changed my outlook…

    love the idea of trailing flower petals on the drive to work. you deserve to be a fairy princess.

    and kono? we want AT LEAST the audio…

    • Dolce says:

      You know what Dais, that combo of warm beast, exercise and fresh air. It’s a winner. And horses know…the just know….how breath in your ears or a nudge can make you feel good.

      And kono…at LEAST!

  6. I love that you find delight in a tree shedding blossoms all over your car. I think most people would be annoyed and head straight for a car wash. Or worse, petition to cut down the tree, because it was diminishing their investment. Those people suck.

    • Dolce says:

      What? What’s wrong with people. I LOVE that tree. It was WHY I bought this house. That and fireplace. What more could a girl want than a shower of flowers and a hearth?

  7. robinaltman says:

    I grew up with Flanders and Swann! My dad is a huuuuge fan. I’ve never met someone younger than me who likes them! I’m sending him to your blog ASAP.

    • Dolce says:

      I am quite possibly, their biggest fan. Recently went to a review at a local theatre. I was the youngest in the audience by about 30 years…and I knew *all* the words.

      My fav? Madeira M’dear and The Reluctant Canibal.


  8. Late on this – I have a mancrush on Tim Winton but am completely blown away by “the places you’ll go”! Thank you for this gift. I’ll reblog it on the archive next week.

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  10. Martin says:

    Fuckit, you’ve just reminded me that I really need to start writing again. I’ve wanted to continue the story for a while.

    It shall be.

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