So, you know that party…

It’s a strange sensation, a flogging.  Particularly when it’s the last thing you imagined you’d be doing on a random weekend night in the suburbs.  But there I was, shirt off.  Back naked, vulnerable.  While an experienced Domme ran me through my paces….and a series of increasingly intense floggers.  Not painful, as such.  Well, except for ‘the bitch’.  Rather a combination of sensation and anticipation that left me giggling and grinning like a loon (and, yes, I’ll admit…more than a little aroused).  That said; I suspect I was treated gently.  Kinda like a pusher deals with the noobs.  The first one’s free.  After that you pay.

“…after that…”

Now there’s a thought.

They say you don’t miss what you don’t know.  And that’s the bastard truth.  Now I know.

(For more on this strange night…a link that’s decidedly NSFW, BTW)


11 thoughts on “So, you know that party…

  1. daisyfae says:

    there’s a lot more going on in the ‘burbs than anyone knows. thank god. for both the ‘goings on’ and the fact that few are aware of it. it’s just easier that way. for both sides of the game…

    the anticipation is the killer. it’s all in the timing, i think. these are the gifted ones…

  2. Hrm. I prefer to keep my pleasure separate from my pain.

  3. kono says:

    “like a pusher deals with the noobs”, yep, now you know… you my dear are a gem.

  4. robinaltman says:

    I’d also envisioned a flogging on a pirate ship. Was there a pirate ship involved?

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