The infrequent blogger

I write blogs in my head all the time.  Great blogs.  Filled with pathos and drama and carefree wit.  I write them in traffic, in the bath, just before I fall asleep.  Problem is, I don’t remember them.  Or I don’t have the time to nail them down into pixels on the screen.  So they fade, like breath on a window.

My 20 year school reunion.  Exploring BDSM.  The building work on my house.  The question of my diminishing grandmothers. The joy of having a minion.  Notes on the art of slow. A rant about my family.  A soft ode to mist.  And maybe another about the smell of oranges.

Riffs on fragments on themes on life.  I don’t know whether to be delighted with the fullness, or frustrated that I can’t find the still gaps to capture something of now.  I’m going with the former.

In the meantime.  I miss this.  And you.

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19 thoughts on “The infrequent blogger

  1. Brian says:

    Yeah. I’m trying to go a half a year without blogging. Take your time …

  2. Delighted with fullness sounds about right. Enjoy la dolce vita, Dolce.

  3. nursemyra says:

    Miss you too sweetie. Never far from my thoughts.

  4. hisqueen says:

    I miss you too…But I am the one who is a bloggie stalker who posts responses very infrequently.
    write when you can. I’m always delighted when I see a new post from you.

  5. Rob says:

    I know what you mean as I have a similar m.o. Except for the BDSM. And the 20th high school reunion. (Which is long in the past anyway). I now (impatiently) await the annual summer vacation.

    Good to hear from you Dolce. Be well.

  6. There you go. I think we all do this. A lot of my fantastic blogs are written while I walk the dog. Then when I get home life and work intervene and I am left with the thought “I had such a great idea….. what WAS it????”

  7. kono says:

    I’ve had much the same problem lately, of course i’m very lazy and around 8:30pm or so i sneak into my garage and get pleasantly stoned and then give up all hope for writing anything for the night and that’s fine, everything as it should be, except i’d like to read the BDSM post but as we know i’m a bit of a pervert.

  8. robinaltman says:

    I do the exact same thing. Sometimes I think I should carry around a little book at all times to jot down my groovy thoughts. Lately, I’ve been stymied, because my entire family – parents and sons – demand they’re privacy. WTF? I have to put up with them and respect their privacy? Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

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