Good girl


She knelt at his feet.  Naked, save for the blindfold and the leather cuffs that bound her hands behind her back.  Her hair was loose, curling around her shoulders and down her straight back.  She held her head high, seemingly determined to show confidence.  But he noted that she’d tucked one foot under the, the small gesture revealing her vulnerability.

He sat in the wingbacked chair and watched her.  She was perfectly still.  Body lit with the light of fire in the grate.  He knew she was waiting for him.  The tension growing as her mind began to wander and consider what he’d planned for her tonight.  He knew this part of the game.  Letting her do his work for him.  Knowing he was watching, his eyes studying her.  The room was warm, but her nipples rose, erect.  He knew a combination of discomfort and desire would be nudging her to shift her position.  But she stayed exactly as she was.  Back straight, head high, eyes and hands bound.

“Good girl”, he said and leaned forward and reached for the bag next to the chair.*


*a small teaser for Kono.  Because he’s been so very patient.


4 thoughts on “Good girl

  1. daisyfae says:

    the waiting. oh GOD… the worst/best. horrible/delightful. rotten/delicious.

  2. kono says:

    I have this story about spanking, well let’s just leave it at that and say i’m waiting for more…

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