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Good girl


She knelt at his feet.  Naked, save for the blindfold and the leather cuffs that bound her hands behind her back.  Her hair was loose, curling around her shoulders and down her straight back.  She held her head high, seemingly determined to show confidence.  But he noted that she’d tucked one foot under the, the small gesture revealing her vulnerability.

He sat in the wingbacked chair and watched her.  She was perfectly still.  Body lit with the light of fire in the grate.  He knew she was waiting for him.  The tension growing as her mind began to wander and consider what he’d planned for her tonight.  He knew this part of the game.  Letting her do his work for him.  Knowing he was watching, his eyes studying her.  The room was warm, but her nipples rose, erect.  He knew a combination of discomfort and desire would be nudging her to shift her position.  But she stayed exactly as she was.  Back straight, head high, eyes and hands bound.

“Good girl”, he said and leaned forward and reached for the bag next to the chair.*


*a small teaser for Kono.  Because he’s been so very patient.



As it turns out; I’ve been having the equivalent of missionary position sex with my vibrator.

Who knew!

But fortunately, that’s what the interwebs are for. To expand our collective wisdoms. And teach us stuffs. Like how to get the most out of one’s collection of B.OB.s*.

And let me tell you, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. And inventive I have been.



Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the other side effect of lonesomeness, is this…

(P.S. Click ‘read more’ at your peril.  It’s very NSFW and horribly badly written, but fuggit, I like to overshare. Also. Don’t click this if you’re a friend and this might embarrass you. I warned you!  Don’t do it.  Really). Continue reading

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Fangirl triple corset friday

I’ve been happily stalking the delicious Ms Myra for yonks. And her corset fridays? *swoon*

So here I find myself, on Lesvos, with the Goddess herself AND Daisyfae the divine, invited to join in the fun..yes please. 

One x happy fangirl.

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T…t…t…t…touch me

I love the commercialisation of everything!  And now…National Masterbation Month, brought to you by the clever, money hungry folks at the Good Vibrations Sex toy company.

Well, isn’t it lucky I’m single then.

A merry month of May indeed.

For inspiration, I recommend a little wonder around here. Gorgeous La Petite Mort for one.

And the theme tune for today?  Why, nothing better than that little ditty by the Divinyls.

I love myself I want you to love me
When I feel down I want you above me
I search myself I want you to find me
I forget myself I want you to remind me

I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you I touch myself
Ooh I don’t want anybody else Oh no, oh no, oh no

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Nobody puts baby in a corner

Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favourite films.  It’s like the comfort food of films.  It came out when I was in the first flush of teenage hormonal silliness and Patrick Swayze was sex on legs.  Every part of it rocked (“I carried a watermelon” was a catch phrase between me and my mates for years.) I know every word of every song.  And one day, when I’m a grown up, I’m going to practise jumps in a lake with a hot boy.

I also like Iron Man, largely for Robert Downey Jnr.  (Nom)

So this pleases me beyond measure.  I’m utterly utterly delighted.  Loud *cackles* all round.

Watch the other Iron Mash ups here (Bridget Jones) and here (Titanic) equally silly.

Did I mention I’m quite partial to AC/DC too.  Win all round.

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The little things

Via Tumbling towards Ecstacy

The weight of my breasts in your hands.  Dammit if it ain’t the littlest things I miss the most.

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Australian Kisses.

Some men really like cunnilingus.  Some just don’t.  This is a new discovery.   I used to think it was me.  That I just wasn’t one of those girls who liked a little tongue lashing.  But it has come to my attention that this is in fact not the case.  I am one of those girls.  I was just waiting for a boy who was a connoisseur.  A  specialist. A punani pundit.  A purveyor of pussy.  A man who likes it Australia style.  The old kiss on the lips down under.  Because the difference between a boy who goes down out of duty and one who’s thinking about you for dessert is very, very clear.

And these days, with all the hints and tips out there on the interwebs, there is very little reason for the old ‘I’m not sure I’m doing it right’ excuse.  That’s what experimenting is for. And trying again is fun.

And look.  I’m not one for doing anything of sexual nature that you don’t like.  But I know something.  I didn’t use to like playing the old meat flute.  Until I realised how much pleasure I could give someone.  Pleasure with a bit of power.  And I started to enjoy it.  And the more I enjoyed it, the more it turned me on.  So now I find myself rather delighted to delve down stairs.  In fact, yum.

So it stands to reason that the same goes for boys.  Once they realise how delicious it can all be, how a little lickage could make their girl crazy, surely there would be no stopping them?  Unless, of course, they’re sexually selfish.  And in that case, gals….

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9 weeks

This is what happens when you’re deprived for 9 (and a half ?) weeks and you accidently stumble on sites like this one (hello Dita).  And you’re just 24 hours away.  Your imagination starts to implode.  It does.  So I apologise.  Friends.  Family.  Read no further if value your sanity.  Bad erotica to follow.  The shame.


Continue reading

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To the theatre daaahling…

Outside the Palace Theatre....shooooooooeeees!

Outside the Palace Theatre....shooooooooeeees!

A trip to London should always include a jaunt down to the West End for a spot of theee-Aye-tar, daahling!  So M and I headed into the throngs for a spot of Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical.  Based on the film of the same name, it starred Jason Donovan in the role of Tick.  He was fantastic.  The man can do an excellent camp man, sing, dance and all in high heels.  And he even threw in a very funny  joke about fancying Scott in Neighbours.

Platform shoes.  Magnificent, completely over the top costumes.  Flying divas with swan wings.  Half naked men in hotpants.  Outrageous wigs.  More feather boas than you could shake a stick at.   Show tunes. Uncouth jokes.  Drag queens.  A large disco pink bus.

Humungeous mirror Balls.



What more could a girl ask for?

*delighted sigh*

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Zombie Luuurve

So, I’ve officially been kissing Mr Noord for a year. 

I like kissing him.  He kisses gooood.  And this is just about the longest I’ve ever managed to kiss just one boy.  So that’s a bit of a milestone for me, not just ‘us’.  I think it’s largely because Mr Noord hides gives me my space when I’m raging against the darkness and doesn’t take my ranting personally.

I like that about him.  Lots. 

Amongst many, many other things.

Like the fact that he brings me tea in bed.  And he posts me flowers, even though he’s a curmudgeon.  And he writes me letters.  With an actual pen, and paper, and everything!

So, to comemorate this momentus occassion, I purchased a Zombie for my lover.  As you do.  Isn’t he pretty?  You should see his dog.

The Zombie’s, I mean.



Thanks for all the fishes, Meester.


Image taken by the luscious Noord himself

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