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Fangirl triple corset friday

I’ve been happily stalking the delicious Ms Myra for yonks. And her corset fridays? *swoon*

So here I find myself, on Lesvos, with the Goddess herself AND Daisyfae the divine, invited to join in the fun..yes please. 

One x happy fangirl.

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National Cleavage Day 2009

Oh yes, it’s that’s time of year again.  The time of year when boys convince girls that they are doing a good deed by getting their wobbly bits out.   National Cleavage Day.

I agree to join in this national frivolity for two reasons (no, not those two 😉 )… 1. because boobs are fabulous and I can totally understand the need to praise and worship them and 2. because annually a mate of mine in the UK donates cash to breast cancer research on the proviso that I blog my babies.

So, dude; here you go:

In a brand new brassiere too...pretty!

and in a brand new brassiere too...pretty!

Now, ante up.

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Smoosh Your Boobies*

The fabulous Olga the Travelling Bra and her friend Claire have had a wonderful idea for breast cancer awareness month.  



Smoosh Your Boobies!   


Basically, in support of this worthy cause, you cover your boobs in paint, smoosh ‘em artistically on a piece of paper.  And Voila!




I must thank a hugely enthusiastic LB for his help with the paint, the photography and, particularly, the washing off of the paint.  What a generous, loving, sweet boy he is.


If you want to join in, I’ve sneakily cut and paste the details below – and although the deadline for the prizes is tomorrow, is now the 7th November, there’s no reason why this can’t continue just for fun and awareness.


Please also take a moment to have a gander at the “how to self-examine your boobies” doodles on both Claire’s site and the “Smoosh your Boobies” site. I for one want to hang on to my girls for as long as I can.


* In memory of my own bright, lovely, much-missed Claire, who lost her fight with breast cancer in 1997.


1. Tape a piece of paper to the wall, at boobie height (on the floor works too)


2. Choose your color(s) of paint


3. Apply paint to bare boobies with a soft brush, fingers, sponge, or whatever


4. Smoosh your boobies onto the paper (you might want to experiment a little with holding them together and/or guiding them into place)


5. Repeat as necessary until desired effect is achieved


6. Shower


7. Take a picture or scan your smooshed-boobies print(s)


8. And email it to Claire or Olga no later than Thursday, October 30th (Include your name/blog’s url if you want a link back)….oooh, this has been extended to the 7th of November!


We will post them all here on Smoosh Your Boobies! on Halloween, October 31st the 7th November..feel free to post your Smooshed Boobies-Print on your blog too!


Prizes will be awarded for best Smooshed Boobies-Print, most original, most life-like, best use of color, etc!



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Happy Cleavage Day

Right, so I made a deal with an overseas mate that I’d blog my cleavage for this auspicious day (nice one, boy PR people) , and he’d make a large donation to a UK breast cancer charity.

Eat your heart out babe!


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