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National Cleavage Day 2009

Oh yes, it’s that’s time of year again.  The time of year when boys convince girls that they are doing a good deed by getting their wobbly bits out.   National Cleavage Day.

I agree to join in this national frivolity for two reasons (no, not those two 😉 )… 1. because boobs are fabulous and I can totally understand the need to praise and worship them and 2. because annually a mate of mine in the UK donates cash to breast cancer research on the proviso that I blog my babies.

So, dude; here you go:

In a brand new brassiere too...pretty!

and in a brand new brassiere too...pretty!

Now, ante up.

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Not a t-shirt Friday

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and I’m rather fond of Nurse M.  So, once again, I found myself pondering how to contribute to her T-Shirt Friday meme, when I’ve run out of the required T-shirts to show case.  Finding t-shirts that don’t make my voluptuous frame look like an overstuffed sausage is tough.

I’ve decided, instead, to dispense with the “t” part, and just go with shirt friday. I’ve got lots of shirts.  But no t-shirts.  So shirts is what you will get.  And, for Silverstar, this one is my latest acquisition.  A black, fitted shirt, which I shall wear to work.  I like black. It’s slimming.  And makes me feel feisty.  It has cute capped sleeves.  And it makes my voluptuous self look curvy instead of pervy.  Which is good….

not a t-shirt

not a t-shirt

Have a good weekend, lovely peoples of the interweb.

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An Inspired* Corset Friday

As an acolyte of the delicious Nurse Myra, I offer this as a nod to her fabulous Corset Friday* series. 


In fact, we lured the equally gorgeous Daisy Fae into the same meme, so hide the children and grasp that crucifix, people.  The girls are gettin’ feisty.





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