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Not a T-Shirt Friday

This whole “T-Shirt Friday” meme* of Nurse M’s stuffs me up a bit, coz I don’t wear T-shirts, on the whole.  which makes things a little challenging.  If you see what I mean.

So I thought; ‘what *do* I really, really like wearing?’ 

And this month, I thought “bubbles”.  My happiest state, if I’m truthful, is wearing as little as possible, and preferably under water.  LB thinks I might be a were-fish, or a murmering maid.  Or something.

So here you are.  My Bubble Bath (not really a T-shirt at all) Friday.


Cheating in the extreme, but then again, it is all hallows eve.  No rules, no foul.  *evil grin*

*last Friday of every month.  Blog a T-Shirt (or whatever, clearly) with a story. Link back to our lovely Nurse M.   Dais and Silverstar likely to play along.  Join in by all means.

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