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DWs, Dorks and Delightful Postal Surprises

Aaah.  So how apt is it, that just as I’m preparing* for my first DW in a long, loooooooong time, I receive my prizes from Nurse Myra  for her much fun limerick competition.

Hilariously, I had to pick up the parcel from good ole’ SA postal service, who are notorious for their odd employees.  Postal Dude** grins broadly and says, exceptionally loudly; “Hey, lady, I need to see when your birthday is.”

Cue blank, arched-eyebrow look.

“Ag, lady.  Your ID book.’

Ah.  *sigh*

[takes proffered book] 

“Aaah, thanks man.  Hey, your birthday is soon.  HEY, You’re 33.  Like in two weeks or so.  Cool.” 

[wanders off to find parcel]

*eye roll*

[Postal Dude ambles back…no rush here.]

Even louder:  “Hey lady, it’s from your friend Nurse Myra.  Who lives in Australia.  How cool is that?”


I just smile and nod.  If only he knew. 

So Nurse M…thank you.  I luuuuuuuuurve my prizes.   What a haul…can’t wait to try the sparkly straps.  And I really, really like the Alex Lloyd. That boy can sing.  And what the hell is a Nurse M prize without a pussy.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

I luuuurve prizes!

penned by the veritable hand!

I also luuuuuuuurved my DW, even if it was attacked by crunchiness and lergies.


*packing of lingerie, defuzzing of fuzzy bits, grinning with glee
** He worried me that he might indeed go postal
*** Someone once told me that a dork is apparently the bone in a whale’s penis?  Well.  Ok then. I can’t find corroboration. But hell. It’s the best description I’ve heard!

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